Sad Boy Hair Is The 2024 Cut That Has Us All In Our Feels
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Sad Boy Hair Is The 2024 Cut That Has Us All In Our Feels

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While bobs are all the rage when it comes to women’s hair, we’re seeing a preference for longer strands in barber shops these days – especially when it comes with a side of adolescent angst. Here’s everything you need to know about sad boy hair, the dramatic (and aptly titled) men’s haircut doing the rounds on TikTok.

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What Is Sad Boy Hair?

‘Sad boy hair refers to a hairstyle characterised by longer, often tousled locks that give a brooding, introspective look,’ explains Jason Crozier, Art Director at Neville Hair and Beauty. ‘It typically features layers that add texture and volume, sometimes with bangs that partially cover the face, enhancing the “sad” or introspective aesthetic.’

Jason tells us that we’re seeing the trend come about thanks to the revival of yester-year’s scene movement, which has already given skunk hair (yes, you read that right) a fresh appeal with Gen Z trend enthusiasts. ‘This style has gained popularity as part of a broader trend towards more expressive and individualised hairstyles, aligning with the “emo” or “indie” cultural movements that celebrate emotional expression and non-conformity,’ he says. ‘The resurgence of 90s and early 00s fashion and culture also plays a role, as does the influence of celebrities and social media personalities who embrace vulnerability and introspection.’

And who do we credit as the biggest sad boy of the modern era? None other than Dune star and all-over artsy type Timothée Chalamet. ‘Celebrities like Chalamet and musicians from indie and alternative bands often sport variations of the sad boy haircut, contributing to its popularity among their fans and followers,’ says Jason.

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Who Suits This Haircut?

Lucky for sad boys all over the world, it’s pretty easy to adapt this cut. ‘​​The sad boy haircut is quite versatile and can be adapted to suit a variety of hair textures and face shapes,’ agrees Jason. ‘Its layered nature allows it to be customised to complement different features, although it may be especially flattering on those with naturally wavy or curly hair, as this adds to the hairstyle’s intended tousled look.’

How To Ask For Sad Boy Hair In The Salon

Chances are, your stylist or barber won’t know what you’re after just from the phrase ‘sad boy hair’ – so you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared with a clear idea of what you’re after, as well as plenty of photos for reference. ‘When asking for a sad boy haircut, it’s helpful to bring reference images to show your stylist the length and style you’re aiming for,’ adds Jason. ‘Specify that you want a textured, layered cut with enough length to achieve a tousled look. Discuss with your stylist how the cut will work with your hair type and face shape, so you can tailor it perfectly for you.’

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How To Style Sad Boy Hair

If you’ve taken the plunge and got the haircut already, fear not – Jason has a few tips you can use when styling sad boy hair at home. ‘Use a sea salt spray or texturising spray to add volume and texture, and avoid over-styling; the aim is to look effortlessly tousled, after all,’ he says. ‘You can also experiment with different partings to see what suits your face shape best.’

As for maintaining this cut, the trick is to keep strands healthy so that any natural texture can shine through. ‘Maintain the health of your hair with regular trims to avoid split ends; you can use a lightweight conditioner to keep your hair hydrated without weighing it down’ advises Jason. ‘If your hair is naturally straight, you may need to use texturising products to achieve the desired tousled effect.’

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