Back On The Scene: Is Skunk Hair Making A Comeback In 2024?

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

Despite what the name might imply, nothing about this haircut stinks

The noughties called, and they want their hair trend back – but, sadly for them, 2024 will not be giving it up anytime soon. Skunk hair is having a moment right now, so we asked the hair professionals what to expect when trying it out.

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What Is Skunk Hair?

‘Skunk hair is another term for two-tone hair colour comprised of a contrast of black and white, just like a skunk,’ says Sarah McKenna, founder of The London Hair Lab. ‘You can also find variations on the trend where blonde is used to contrast any darker hue.’

It might be giving mild scene kid, but the trend is part of a much bigger wave of nostalgia-led fads that reframe popular trends from previous years into new styles for modern audiences. ‘We’re seeing more styles from the 90s and the early 2000s come up more in fashion and film, so it’s not too surprising to see this influence make its way to hair,’ says hair stylist Timothy David. ‘The version we think of from this time is a chunky highlight that starts at the roots and is carried through the length of your hair. It’s done with a bright shade, like platinum blonde, to create a stark contrast with the rest of your hair.

‘These days you’ll find variations in these highlights that offer a more avant-garde concept of this nostalgic trend,’ he continues. ‘It’s taking larger and thicker sections of hair and showing more of a contrast between darker and lighter shades.’ Location: Osaka, Japan #assortosaka #assorthair #hairconsultation #hairtrends #hairtok #hairtransformation #haircolortransformation #skunkhair #skunkhaircolor #haircolortransformation ♬ original sound – ASSORT INTL HAIR SALON

Skunk hair has also recently been picked up by a roster of celebrities, adds Sarah: ‘It’s become popular again due to trendsetters like Billie Eilish and Bella Hadid, who have both rocked variations of skunk hair.’

Who Suits This Hairstyle?

The good news is that the skunk hair trend, for the most part, suits all hair types since it can be adapted to personal preference. ‘This hairstyle suits all,’ confirms Timothy. ‘Just keep in mind that it might look more prominent on smooth, straight or wavy hair.’

‘It is a commitment too,’ adds Sarah. ‘And you will need to keep on top of the maintenance to keep your high contrast colour looking it’s best.’

How To Ask For Skunk Hair In The Salon

‘Get on Instagram and Pinterest and find some inspirational photos to explain your ideal look to your stylist,’ advises Sarah. ‘Schedule in an appointment with your favourite colourist and go in with an open mind; depending on your hair colour and texture they will be able to advise you on the best shade and result they can achieve.’

As this is a hairstyle that will require you to dye your hair, it’s also important that you find the right colourist for you, says Timothy. ‘Number one, find the correct colourist for you and have a patch test,’ he says. ‘Have a consultation so that you’re both clear on the shades that suits your skin tone and hair type.’

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How To Maintain Skunk Hair

Again, since this is a hair trend that focuses on colour, you’ll need to up your haircare routine a little to maintain the shade and health of your hair. ‘Make sure you use a colour care shampoo and conditioner,’ suggests Sarah. ‘It’s also a good idea to regularly use hair repairing masks to keep your hair feeling healthy.’

How To Style Skunk Hair

When it comes to styling skunk hair at home, you have plenty of options – but when it comes to highlighting your, well, highlights, Sarah recommends going sleek and simple. ‘There are so many ways to show off colour blocking well,’ she says. ‘Try opting for straight, glossy strands as that will really show off the contrasting colours.’

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