Meet The Takuache Bowl Haircut, aka The Edgar – The Internet's Latest Hair Craze
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Meet The Takuache Bowl Haircut, aka The Edgar – The Internet’s Latest Hair Craze

This edgy cut comes courtesy of the Latino community

Stuck in a haircut rut? Not for long. If you’re after something a little fiercer (that doesn’t require a multi-step styling routine), then you’re in luck – the Takuache bowl haircut is set to be 2024’s next big men’s cut.

What Is The Takuache Bowl Haircut?

The Takuache bowl haircut is a traditional men’s cut that features straight, blunt bangs across the head and tapered sides. Sometimes called the ‘Edgar’ after former Seattle Mariners player Edgar Martínez, the version we know today gets its name from young a subculture of Mexican-American men – known as ‘Takuache’ – who usually wear bootcut jeans, boots, fitted hats and lots of gold accessories.

‘Even if you haven’t heard of it you’ve seen this haircut,’ says David Nikolaev, a senior stylist at Neville Hair & Beauty. ‘The sharp, short fringe and tapered sides are unmistakable. This haircut has been a big hit recently amongst young millennials and gen Z, both boys and girls, since it’s an edgier cut that can be interpreted in a lot of ways.

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‘The Takuache bowl haircut has its roots in Mexico, and is now a popular style within the Latino community,’ he continues. ‘Over time, the cut has been modernised and transformed, with variations ranging from sleek to effortlessly messy looks. You can see a lot of young creatives wearing the trend, too – the first one that comes to mind is Machine Gun Kelly, but even Kristen Stewart rocked a softer mullet version of the haircut during her famous Chanel phase.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

‘The Takuache bowl haircut can be modified and tailored to anyone’s face and hair texture,’ says David. ‘From curly to straight, shorter and sporty to long and extravagant – or even just casual.’

How To Ask For A Takuache Bowl Haircut In The Salon

As always, remember to bring photo references to your appointment so that your stylist can tailor your cut of choice to you. David also notes that it’s worth having a consultation with your stylist, so that you’re both on the same page: ‘I would strongly recommend consulting your stylist on what length and style would fit into your natural texture, personal style and lifestyle – as this will be key in making the Takuache bowl haircut its most wearable.’

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How To Style A Takuache Bowl Haircut

You can take the styling of this haircut in two different directions, David tells us. ‘For something with more volume, that works with your natural hair, opt for texture salt sprays and paste or styling dust,’ he suggests. ‘Or you can be super edgy and sharp and do a sleek look with the help of some gel or even a “wet look” product.’

What It Might Look Like In The Future

The consistent popularity of this trend has already created plenty of new versions in salons and barbershops. The traditional Takuache style features a blunt fringe and tapered sides (like a bowl cut), but newer variations deviate slightly and often more greatly incorporate natural hair textures – think fluffier styles with natural curls, mullets, mohawks and even shorter styles like fades and undercuts.

‘With this generation of fashion trends I can see this haircut staying in for a while,’ confirms David. ‘An even more interesting approach is if you add some colour, as this can make it quite graphic and sharp. I think that would be an interesting next step.’

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