The Smullet Is The Short, Unisex Cut Dominating Salons In 2024
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The Smullet Is The Short, Unisex Cut Dominating Salons In 2024

(micro) business in the front, (micro) party in the back

Thought you’d missed the 2020 mullet craze? Think again. The haircut is having yet another resurgence in both salons and barbershops, but not as you might remember it. Meet the smullet, the micro take on everyone’s favourite Aussie hairdo.

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What Is A Smullet?

‘The smullet is a short version of a classic mullet,’ explains Sarah McKenna, founder of The London Hair Lab. ‘It’s a low-maintenance cut that still makes a statement. The mullet first became popular in the 70s and 80s, but is now experiencing a bit of a resurgence in 21st century, partly thanks to some of our favourite celebrities wearing it in new ways and making it a super stylish and sophisticated haircut. The smullet is short and flirty – and this modern version pairs perfectly with dimensional colours.’

‘This is a haircut that usually takes the sides and top of the hair a lot shorter and leaves the back often over-directed in a severe angle, or completely disconnected, leaving it longer at the back – just like a mullet,’ adds celebrity hairstylist Timothy David, who pins the popularity of the smullet on our growing love of nostalgic trends. ‘Pop culture has started to focus a lot more on 80s and 90s trends, such as denim on denim (which works really nicely with this look), which has really given this cut the chance to grow in mainstream hairdressing.’

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Both of our stylists are also in agreement that the smullet has had so much traction recently because celebrities, both men and women, have been wearing variations of the style. One star in particular caught both Sarah and Timothy’s eye: Barbie Ferreira. ‘We’ve seen a lot of famous faces wearing this trend, most recently Barbie Ferreira has switched up her look and debuted a smullet,’ highlights Sarah. ‘She went from a long-layered bob to an edgier, shorter look.’

‘I have seen Barbie Ferreira rock it and many other artists too, such as Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus,’ continues Timothy. ‘From a mullet to a severe disconnection with loads of texture.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

Pretty much anyone willing to give it a try, Sarah tells us. ‘The smullet is a softer look, the short layered top and textured cut suit both poker straight and curly hair perfectly. Any hair type and texture can pull off this cut.’

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How To Ask For A Smullet At the Salon (& What To Expect)

Before heading over the salon, there’s a few things you can prepare. As this is a cut of varying lengths, Timothy recommends waiting until you have a bit more growth – as this will make it easier to shape the style. ‘If you’re looking for a smullet, you would need to have some length – particularly at the back,’ he tells us. ‘This is a cut that is created by taking the front and side sections shorter and layered around the face with texture, whilst leaving the back long, over-directed or completely disconnected. This means you’ll want as much length as possible at the back before getting the cut.’

Sarah also recommends bringing references that your stylist can work from. ‘It’s a great idea to have some pictures for inspiration to show to your stylists so they know the look you want to create,’ she says. As for what to ask for: ‘Embrace the natural texture of your hair and ask for a short mullet.

‘The skill of a smullet is all in the cutting,’ Sarah continues. ‘The classic formula of a mullet is short on the top, shorter on the sides and left long at the back. This can be adapted to suit the different variations of the mullet such as the smullet.’

Tips For Styling A Smullet At Home

Speaking from experience with his own smullet, Timothy recommends leaning into the texture of your natural hair when it comes to styling: ‘Personally, I have curly hair, so I find a curly cream and sea salt spray are my best friend with my mullet. Loads of texture is key!’

‘The smullet is a low maintenance cut which won’t require much extra styling,’ adds Sarah. ‘Just make sure you book in for regular cuts to keep the shape of the style.’

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The Future Of The Smullet

It might be popular now, but how do we think the smullet will evolve in the future? From shapes and length to styling, our experts have a few ideas. ‘I think the smullet will evolve to feature feathery bangs,’ suggest Sarah. ‘The combination of these two trends will create a look which highlights your facial features perfectly.’

Timothy, on the other hand, sees the cut going even shorter: ‘I think we’ll eventually see it evolving back into a pixie haircut or a softer shorter layer, taking off the length at the back.’

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