The Pixie Cut Is The Crowning Glory Of 2024’s Short Hair Movement

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Short and sweet – just how we like it

If you’re quick to be influenced, chances are you’ve considered swapping long tresses for a perky bob. But why stop there? Make a statement with the OG short hairstyle, the Halle Berry-approved pixie cut. Here’s how to ask for one at the salon.

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What Is A Pixie Cut?

‘A pixie cut is a short hairstyle, usually short on the back and sides and slightly longer on top with a short fringe,’ explains Michele Antiga, a signature colourist and stylist at Gielly Green Salon. ‘We’re seeing the pixie cut has grow and grow in popularity these days, with it being adopted by many women due to its versatility; it’s an easy to wear style. A good hairstylist can also adjust the shape and texture to suit all face shapes and hair types.’

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In recent years, many celebrities have braved the chop and donned a pixie cut on the red carpet. From Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron to habitual trendsetter Zendaya, there hasn’t really been a time that the pixie hasn’t been in fashion – although Michele tells us the cut has a much deeper history.

‘Short hair was a daring challenge to the status quo, and represented an emancipation from the cultural and ideological trappings of traditional femininity,’ she says. ‘To nail down the beginnings of the popular pixie cut, we need to go back a few decades. We firstly need to thank Audrey Hepburn and iconic 1953 film Roman Holiday, then British supermodel Twiggy who pioneered her historic pixie cut in the 1960s. We’ve since had many celebrities adopt the look – Madonna in her 1993 tour The Girlie Show, Halle Berry in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day (in my opinion her best look ever; she totally established how short hair can be extremely sexy), and more recently Eve Gilles, who was the first woman to be crowned Miss France wearing a short hairstyle in December 2023.

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‘The pixie cut as we call it today it’s much more than a short hairstyle, it is the result of decades of societal evolution,’ Michele continues. ‘A long journey to freedom of expression for women. A hairstyle with a long history and a strong message.’

How Does It Differ From A Pixie Bob?

Another hairstyle from the pixie family, searches for ‘pixie bob’ also appear to be surging on Google as of late – but what sets it apart from your traditional pixie cut? ‘The pixie bob is a hybrid between a pixie cut and a bob,’ highlights Michele. ‘It can also be a perfect transition haircut when growing out a shorter pixie style.’

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Who Suits This Haircut?

‘A pixie cut can suit all hair types and shapes,’ reassures Michele. ‘A good hair stylist can graduate it, soften it and add the right texture to suit your specific needs. If you have very rebellious, very frizzy hair a keratin treatment or hair Botox can be helpful.’

How To Ask For A Pixie Cut In The Salon (& What To Expect)

‘When requesting a pixie cut at the salon, bringing visual references and discussing maintenance preferences with the stylist ensures a tailored outcome,’ recommends Ondine Cowley, Artistic Director at Gielly Green Salon. ‘This cut is all about creating a look to suit an individual’s personality, and a stylist will use precision cutting techniques to sculpt the desired pixie silhouette.’

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How To Style A Pixie Cut

And when it comes to styling a pixie cut, our experts have a few tips and tricks they can share. ‘It’s worth investing in styling products like pomade or wax for texture and a blow dryer and round brush for volume,’ suggests Ondine. ‘I would also recommend rough drying your hair upside down to get a more natural effect. Regular trims and the use of quality hair care products are essential for maintaining a pixie cut’s impeccable appearance in the long term.’

If you have finer hair, Michele recommends using sea salt spray. ‘Some gel for a wet look version can be a great alternative choice too,’ she adds. ‘If your hair grows fast, it may need recutting after six weeks but it’s also a style that, if correctly cut, grows out nicely and can last you a few extra weeks.’

The Future Of The Pixie Cut

The future of the pixie? More experimental styles and lots of colour, muses Ondine. ‘Looking ahead, expect to see further experimentation with different colours to change the look of the pixie haircut.’

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