Burn, Baby, Burn - The Dos and Don’ts of Treating Sunburnt Skin
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Burn, Baby, Burn – The Dos and Don’ts of Treating Sunburnt Skin

Feeling pink? Don't panic

Dr Uliana Gout, founder of the LAM Clinic, is a globally renowned clinician and educator within the field of aesthetic medicine. Here, she advises us on how best to manage sunburnt skin.

The Dos and Don’ts of Treating Sunburnt Skin

It’s really hot out there and our phone has been ringing off the hook with clients wanting to know how best to protect their skin, and what to do when the worst happens

The LAM Do’s

If you’re in the sun still – get in the shade pronto.

Immediately cool the skin by taking a cool shower for 20 minutes. If no access to a shower grab a clean towel and soak it in cool clean water and apply to the skin for 20 minutes.

Quickly apply any after-sun cream or aloe vera gel. Keep reapplying every few hours to keep the moisture content in.

Rehydrate with two litres of water (avoid caffeine) to prevent sunstroke effects and dehydration

Keep the sunburnt skin covered until the skin is fully healed. This may take a couple of weeks – be patient!

Once the skin burn has healed you may find the wrinkles, pigmentation and dryness will set in. Book in for a facial that offers humectant, exfoliant, retinoid and kojic in a perfectly tailored protocol (right percentage, pH, formulation and quantity) to optimise and prevent further damage.

The LAM Don’ts:

Avoid applying ice or rubbing the skin when it’s sunburnt.

Do not apply petroleum jelly or oil or butter on the skin or other DIY remedies.

Please do not scratch, pick the skin or pop any blisters – this can lead to infection and scarring.

Do not go into the sun until skin fully healed.

Remember, sunburnt skin is much more prone to developing skin cancers, skin pigmentation, wrinkles and even infection is more prone when we sweat. So make sure you get to see a doctor for a skin-check – at least once per year.

The LAM hyperpersonalised facial will treat the lines, pigmentation and dryness with minimal downtime.

For more information, visit LAM (London Aesthetic Medicene) or call 020 7637 5999  

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