15 Stunning Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

From elegant updos to soft bouncy waves

Playing the long game when it comes to your bridal ‘do? If you’re in need of some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. These are our favourite wedding hairstyles for long hair.

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Why Should You Opt For Long Hair On Your Wedding Day?

While the length of your hair is ultimately up to you, longer hair can give you a bit more scope when it comes to playing with different bridal hairstyles. ‘Many people long for lengthy hair on their wedding day,’ adds Nicola Wood, a leading hair professional and founder of Hair Made Easi. ‘While all hair lengths are beautiful, gorgeous long hair can portray a princess-like image for your big day which is what many dream of – long hair is also incredibly versatile and can be styled numerous ways. Most brides, especially those with lengthy locks like to have their hair down for their wedding day, whether that be loose waves, sleek and straight or a bouncy bridal blowdry.’

How To Nurture Healthy Long Hair Before Your Wedding

To ensure your hair remains as healthy as possible (and has plenty of growing time) before the big day, Nicola recommends a few changes you can make to your haircare routine in the months leading up to your wedding. ‘Start by limiting your heat usage at least four to six months before your wedding day to allow your hair to rejuvenate and repair in time,’ she advises. ‘Heat is often the main cause of hair damage as it can dry out the hair follicles and also burn the scalp too. Try to let your hair air dry where possible, especially during the weeks leading up to your wedding – using an extra-absorbent hair towel will eliminate the need for a hair dryer. If you do need to use a hairdryer then try to avoid using the highest heat setting, as this can cause damage and disrupt your hair growth. Choose the lowest heat setting and be patient.’

Lovely Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Bouncy Blowdry

If you’re planning on letting your hair down on the big day, you can give your hair an elevated (yet natural) look with a bouncy blowdry. ‘These are a signature at Neville – a bouncy blowdry is luxurious and evergreen,’ says Domenico Casella senior stylist Neville Hair & Beauty. ‘It’s also perfect for any occasion, weddings included. To ensure a glossy finish and strong hold, it has to be blowdried with a natural bristle hairbrush.’

Woman holding bouquet while in white robe

(c) Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

2. Effortless French Twist

Want your hair up instead? Try a French twist. ‘I like this modern, edgy version of the classic French twist; it’s chic and fun at the same time,’ says Domenico. ‘You start from a wavy blowdry, giving texture to the hair, before pinning the hair in a twist and leaving some of the face-framing hair to naturally fall down.’


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3. Low Ponytail

The ponytail is back with a bang this year, with the low pony racing into the lead position as a sleek and elegant wedding hairstyle for long hair. ‘This look is very versatile and adaptable to different face shapes,’ adds Domenico. ‘You can frame the face from the front, on both sides and the middle part, play with the volume in the crown area if needed, and wear the tail wavy or sleek.’


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4. Sleek Bun With A Middle Part

Back to the buns – Domenico recommends pairing one up with a middle parting. ‘This is a chic and elegant look,’ he says. ‘Sleek and polished in the front, with an edgy knot in the back.’

‘From the red-carpet to the aisle, the middle parting is still a favourite with fashion-forward brides,’ adds bridal stylist Anna Sorbie. ‘It brings a fresh, modern take to classic styles and was seen all over Bridal Fashion Week. For a cool-girl look, go for a deeper middle part with shorter loose bangs to frame the face and add a luxury freshwater pearl hair accessory for extra glam.’

Woman in wedding dress

(c) Anna Sorbie

5. Brushed Out Boho Waves

Another one for those who want to let their hair down. ‘The boho wave trend is making a comeback again, bringing a relaxed and romantic vibe to bridal hairstyles,’ explains Anna. ‘Brides are embracing loose, tousled waves that give off a beachy and carefree feel – just right for a destination wedding. Fluff out waves to create a more lived-in and natural appearance and complete the look with your favourite accessories. This trend is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your bridal ensemble as brushing out the curls diffuses their shape for a softer, more lived-in vibe that looks oh-so-effortless.’

Woman wearing wedding accessories with long hair

(c) Anna Sorbie

6. Built-Up Hair

Feeling inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla? You’re not the only one. Built-up, bouffant hairstyles have long reigned supreme in the realm of bridal hair, taking off in the 60s and 70s thanks to stars like Priscilla Presley. Celebrity hairstylist Timothy David shares how he created a modern version of the look for a friend: ‘We worked high and classic to give elegant, understated glamour. I built the hair up high but neatly wrapped it with a hairpiece to hug it in tight, so that the volume was neatly contained without looking over the top.’

Woman in wedding dress

Image courtesy of Timothy David

7. Hollywood Waves

Speaking of the stars, Hollywood-inspired waves will never go out of fashion – wedding or not. ‘Waves like this help my clients feel like a more glamorous version of themselves,’ says Timothy. ‘For this look, I utilised some hair pieces and set them in heated rollers, then tonged the hair and gently brushed it out to achieve soft waves. It’s very effortless-looking and timeless.’

Woman in sparkly dress with long blonde hair | wedding hairstyles for long hair

Image courtesy of Timothy David

8. Braids & Plaits

For a look that plays with shape and texture (while keeping your hair out of your face), Timothy recommends an updo comprised of plaits. ‘This client wanted a vintage look but with a modern twist, for example,’ he tells us. ‘For this, I did a plait in the hair and plaited it in a way to look like a vintage Louise Brooks bob.’

Woman with braids close to head

Image courtesy of Timothy David

‘While having your hair down is a very popular trend for long-haired brides, many also like to have their hair back and off their face for their big day,’ adds Nicola. ‘I personally think that a “messy”, relaxed plaited style is the perfect gentle bridal look. Soft braids and romantic plaits are great choices for those who want their long hair tied back but want to achieve an elegant bridal look too. Untucking a few strands around your face is an easy way to instantly soften the look and frame the style as well. A relaxed hairstyle is a great way to undo the bridal look slightly to add elements of playfulness and fun.

‘I’d also recommend adding hair extensions (even if you already have long, thick hair) as this adds volume that promotes a longer-lasting, more durable hairstyle,’ she adds.

Woman with braided bun

(c) Taylor Harding, Unsplash

9. Textured Low Bun

For a more romantic wedding hairstyle for long hair, you can’t go wrong with a low bun like the one Timothy constructed below. ‘This client wanted a very natural, textured low bun that didn’t look too perfect, but softly put back,’ he says. ‘I also brought some hair forward to gently frame the face.’

Bride with low bun

Image courtesy of Timothy David

10. Half-Up, Half-Down

A classic for a reason, a half-up, half-down hairdo gives brides with long hair the best of both worlds. ‘For those with long hair, I personally think that a classic half-up, half-down look can be a gorgeous style for your wedding,’ says Nicola. ‘It allows you to show off both your long locks and your beautiful face at the same time and adds an interesting element to your hair without taking you too far out of your comfort zone. It’s vital that you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day as this is one of the most important moments of your life. This style is also perfect for all hair types too. You can even add a bit of a twist to this traditional style by adding loose braids to the side pieces of your hair or by tying the top pieces back into a bun. There are many different variations to this look which can make it personal to you.’

11. High Ponytail

If low buns and ponies aren’t your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that long hair looks just as beautiful tied up high on your head. A simple, slick ponytail can help emphasise the length of your hair (which can be built up with the help of extensions) while showing off your dress in full.

Black woman with hair tied back in ponytail | wedding hairstyles for long hair

(c) J. Balla Photography, Unsplash

12. Half-Up, Half-Down With A Braid

Did we mention we like half-up, half-down hairstyles? ‘From soft waves to an intricate braid this is the perfect wedding hairstyle,’ says Sarah McKenna, founder of Vixen & Blush. ‘Romantic wedding hairstyles are timeless, if you can’t decide between an updo or keeping your hair loose have the best of both worlds with a half-up, half-down style with an added modern twist. This allows you to show off your long locks whilst still adding an intricate braid. It creates an effortlessly feminine hairstyle that will match your bridal glow!’

Woman with long blonde hair

(c) Vixen & Blush

13. Braided Boho Ponytail

Another fun up-do for brides to try, this style combines a low pony with embellished braids. ‘Elevate your favourite everyday style for your wedding day with a braided low ponytail,’ explains Sarah. ‘If your dress has a detailed or embellished back, there is no better way of showing it off than a low ponytail. Ponytails are often thought of as a sleek style, but they are very versatile and can be adapted to your look.

‘Don’t forget a little embellishment can go a long way, hair accessories such as jewels, bows and clips can add a bit more personality.’

Woman with long blonde hair

(c) Vixen & Blush

14. The Modern Bun

This sleek hairdo is ideal for pushing back flay-aways and stray strands – it also pairs up well with more modern and city-focused wedding themes. ‘This look is highly sophisticated and groomed wedding hair, perfect for those with a very long style,’ adds Simone Costagliola, Senior Top Stylist and Master Technician at Brooks & Brooks Salon. ‘The hair is blow dried smooth, then pulled to a low ponytail and secured with a strong band, leaving the pull through as a loop (by not pulling all the way through the last time). Then create a second loop of the loose hair from the ponytail, thread through the first loop, wrap around the bun and secure. It would then be smoothed with a fine comb and fastened with bobby pins. The end can be left out to create a hair feather to soften. I would recommend finishing with a light mist spray and gloss for maximum shine.’

Back of woman's head wearing a bun

(c) Brooks & Brooks Salon

15. Blonde Rose

If you’re keen on adding accessories to your bridal hairdo, but want to make sure it ties in with your theme, then try this floral take from Simone. ‘This soft, beautiful look is completed with extensions and beautiful red roses to elevate the overall look,’ she says. ‘To create, I would tease the areas for the extensions to ensure that they were secure once in. Then I would root tong the hair and set in pin curls for volume and bounce. I would take sections from the top of the ears to the crown and grip securely into place. Using the hair left out, take large sections and twist loosely whilst intertwining them together and pinning into place. This look was finished by adding roses either side of the head, which would match beautifully with a matching bouquet.’

Blonde hair with flowers

(c) Brooks & Brooks Salon

Featured image: Monique Lhullier Fall 2024