Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

By Charlie Colville

6 months ago

We'll keep it short

Wondering how best to show off your tresses on the big day? When it comes to wedding planning, your hair is just as important as your dress – it is but one part of the main event, after all. If you’re looking for some inspirations, you’ve come to the right place. These are our favourite wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

1. High Fashion Slicked Back

For something befitting red carpet glamour, try slicking back your hair into a dewy, wet-but-not-really look. ‘Textured and sleek, slicked back hair is a look you’ll see on the best haute couture runways,’ says Domenico Casella, senior stylist Neville Hair & Beauty. ‘It’s also great if you want to show off your outfit, as it helps focus attention on the dress while still enhancing the facial features.’

Woman in white wedding dress

(c) Nadia Manjarrez Fall 2024

2. Full Volume Blowout

A big, bouncy blowout always looks good – and the same sentiment rings true for short hair. ‘It’s a fun way to style a bob haircut,’ agrees Domenico. ‘It can also be blow dried with a round brush, with curls pinned up, to create more volume on the roots. When finished, open the curls with your hands, with a wide teeth comb, or even upside down using the cool hair of the hairdryer for extra volume.’

Woman with short hair wearing white lace glove

(c) Pexels

3. Sleek Side Part

Sorry Gen Z, but side partings are back (and, hopefully, here to stay). When it comes to short hair, this style is perfect for creating volume. ‘Romantic and classic, this hairstyle looks great when softly rounded at the end as it helps keep a nice body,’ adds Domenico. You can also give your side parting some versatility; wither keep it sleek and refined or decorate your ‘do with hair clips and accessories (we hear bows are in this season).

Woman with short hair in wedding dress

(c) Oscar de la Rental Bridal Fall 2019

4. Brushed-Out Waves

Fancy something simpler? Lucky for you, short hair is perfect for creating impactful (yet minimal) styles that don’t take away from the rest of your ensemble. ‘Minimalistic styles are perfect for shorter hair length,’ highlights Nicola Wood, leading hair professional and founder of Hair Made Easi. ‘Freshly-cut bobs and lobs frame your face and features beautifully, so simplistic styles are perfect. Up-dos can be hard to achieve with shorter hair so make things easier for yourself on your big day and opt for waves and curls. Brushed-out mermaid waves and beach-style crimps are perfect for more laid-back, relaxed aesthetics.

‘My ultimate top tip for this look is to have a wide tooth comb on standby looked after by your bridesmaids or kept in the toilets so that you can maintain a relaxed but flawless short hair look,’ she adds. ‘It is vital that you use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush on your minimalistic waves, as it will be more gentle on your hair but it also won’t create frizz – sometimes brushing your curls out with a brush can ruin the waves whilst a comb runs through them gently.’

Woman in wedding dress with short hairstyle

(c) Alexandra Grecco, Birdie Collection

5. Bow Stacking

Didn’t you hear? Bows are the next big thing – both in fashion and hair (long or short). Bows are great for adding some dimension to your hairstyle, and work well with short hair either as small dainty ribbons pinned to the side or as a big, playful bow on the back of the head (which also serve to help wrangle any flay-aways around the face, if you want them completely out of the way).

Close up of hair with white ribbon

(c) Jennifer Behr

6. Hepburn Bangs

Contrary to popular belief, short hair and updos aren’t mutually exclusive. One of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair brings throwback fashion to the forefront, with a sleek bun (a lower bun might work best for shorter locks) and an Aubrey Hepburn-approved fringe. Perfect for wedding themes that centre on vintage glamour.

Woman laid back in white dress

(c) Jaspereology, Pexels

Featured image: Oscar de la Rental Bridal Fall 2019