How To Achieve Perfect Wedding Skin Before The Big Day

By Charlie Colville

1 year ago

How to create your dream bridal glow

A lot of planning goes into a good wedding – from cakes and venues to dresses, suits and stationery – but one thing that often slips under the radar is our skin‘Clear, hydrated and glowing skin is the ultimate wedding day asset for a bride,’ says Izabela Pawlitka, aesthetic therapist at Dr David Jack. ‘Working with a skincare specialist that offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments and understands how to navigate through what is available is extremely beneficial. It cuts off the confusion and ensures your skin is at its best on the big day.’ We’ve enlisted the help of a team of wedding skincare experts to plan out a timeline of things to consider in the lead up to your big day, starting a year in advance.

Timeline: How To Achieve Perfect Wedding Skin

What To Do 12 Months Before

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Identify Your Skincare Goals & Issues

First things first: figure out what you want to achieve with your wedding skin. ‘This is the ideal time to be having an in-depth consultation with an experienced facialist, discussing goals for your skin, as well identifying any skin conditions that will need to be treated,’ says Kate Kerr, aesthetic facialist and director of Kate Kerr London Clinic. ‘Following the consultation your facialist will be able to prescribe a bespoke skincare and treatment plan firstly focusing on treating any active skin conditions to get them under control in time for the big day. We offer an initial consultation and exploratory facial, which you can use to help identify issues – and then set up a plan to help treat them.

‘Over these next few months a facial should be performed every four weeks with a focus on treating any active skin conditions.’


Start A Wedding Skincare Diary

Kate also recommends starting a diary to track potential causes of skin flare-ups. ‘It’s also a good idea to start to keep your own skin diary around this time; if you get breakouts or redness, when do these flare? Do you notice a correlation to your menstrual cycle? This will help you pre-empt how your skin may behave the week of your wedding so that you can take precautions to prevent any flare ups.’

See our edit of the best diaries for 2023 here.

Find A Medical Aesthetic Clinic

If you plan to book in a couple of treatments before the big day, now’s the time to start booking those consultations. ‘It is best to start preparing your face and body six to 12 months before the big day,’ say Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward, founders of Skin Bureaux and River Aesthetics clinics. ‘This is because a lot of treatments are collagen-stimulating and take three months before they even start to take effect.

‘Start with a consultation with a reputable medical aesthetic clinic who will develop a bespoke plan for you. Treatments most often included within the plan are toxin (Botox), peels, skin tightening and laser skin rejuvenation for the face and cool sculpting (fat freezing) and laser hair removal for the body.’

Organise Your Skincare Routine

‘Investing in a great skincare routine at this stage will pay dividends and should be an integral part of your plan,’ highlight Dr Manning and Dr Woodward. ‘We recommend products from Skin Bureaux, a medical grade skincare range created by leading British Aesthetic Doctors which has been clinically proven to deliver results.’

‘It’s a good time to start an effective streamline skincare routine,’ adds Izabela Pawlitka, aesthetic therapist at Dr David Jack. ‘This is to ensure you support your skin with daily SPF 50, cocktails of antioxidants, retinol and peptide. It’s important to use those ingredients in a smart manner without too many layers. Look for hybrid formulas that offer you more then one ingredient, like an all-in-one daily moisturiser and SPF50.’

High Tech Treatments

This early on, it’s also a good time to consider what kind of treatments you’d like to try in the lead up to your wedding day. ‘You can start to address any skin concerns like a loss of skin elasticity, enlarged pores, scarring, hyperpigmentation, rosacea or acne,’ says Izabela. ‘Six to 12 months pre-wedding is a great time to do any high tech or laser treatments, like IPL, Morpheus 8 or Forma. They require anything from two to six sessions, depending on the technology being used. Working with an aesthetic practitioner is as important as investing in a personal trainer, as it helps you learn to understand your skin for life.’


What To Do 6 Months Before

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Streamline Your Home Skincare Routine

‘If you’re embarking on a six to 12 month treatment plan, I would keep the home routine as simple as possible,’ suggests Nicola Jones, celebrity facialist and founder of Face Junkie. ‘Stick to what I call the Six Elements Of Skincare:


  1. Prepare (Brightening Face Wash)
  2. Prevent (Vitamin C Serum)
  3. Protect (Hydrating Sunscreen)


  1. Re-cleanse (Detox Cleanser)
  2. Replace (Hydrating Solution)
  3. Regenerate (Pro Collagen Night Treatment).

‘You can build this routing using our Face Junkie Hero Collection, which offers a complete daily skin care system to meet all your skin’s needs.’


Salicylic Peels

‘It takes a few months to make any corrections in the skin,’ says Nicola. ‘If you have oily or problematic skin, for example, then the first three months you should be using products to balance the skin’s oil production and reduce breakouts. I personally would pair this with a course of Salicylic Peels, which are great for this skin type. Your therapist may recommend a course of six over three months. In my experience skin peels are the best to start with to create a smooth and even canvas.

‘After three to four months, you should start to notice a visible improvement in the skin, such as a smooth and even skin tone, refined pores, less breakouts and a reduction in fine lines or wrinkles and an overall brighter complexion.’

Regular Facials

This is also the point at which you need to set yourself up with good wedding skincare habits, starting with a regular facial. ‘We would recommend a course of monthly HydraFacials six months prior to the big day,’ say Dr Manning and Dr Woodward. ‘These deliver a deep clean, while exfoliating and hydrating skin.’


Advanced Treatments

It’s now time to start considering more advanced treatments for your skin, says Kate. ‘The skin should now be functioning well and any active skin conditions should be well under control, so now is the time to have a course of any advanced treatments to really enhance the skin quality.

‘Many advanced treatments target the deeper layers of skin to promote new collagen and elastin production; this process of collagen induction can take a few months to take effect, and so having a course six months before ensures that the results will be visible on the big day.

‘A course of micro-needling, for example, is a versatile treatment that can help with a variety of concerns, from reducing any scarring, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and enlarged pores to being a great option for general skin rejuvenation.’


Prep Your Calendar

‘This is also the time to plan and book all of your treatments in the lead up to the wedding,’ advises Kate. ‘Take into consideration any pre-wedding events such as hen parties and engagement celebrations, especially if they are abroad.’

What To Do 1-3 Months Before


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Continue Your Set Treatment Plan

‘We would recommend you continue with the treatment plan you’ve settled on with your facialist or skincare specialist,’ say Dr Manning and Dr Woodward. ‘At this stage, you might also like to consider adding in oxygen facials to give skin a healthy glow and increase luminosity. You may want also to consider a toxin (Botox) and or filler treatment prior to the wedding.’

Maintenance: The Clinical Brightening Facial

‘This is a time for maintaining and enhancing the skin,’ says Kate. ‘A treatment should be performed every four to six weeks, depending on the overall condition of the skin.

‘We’d recommend the Clinical Brightening Facial as the perfect maintenance facial, as it helps to further improve the appearance of the skin, provide hydration, remove any congestion and refine texture. Courses of peels that work on the epidermal layer of the skin can also be performed within this time period, if the skin’s texture needs refining, or if any hyper-pigmentation needs further lightening.’


Try Supplements

Izabela also suggests taking supplements at this stage. ‘It’s important to support your body during those stressful months leading up to the wedding, both with some skin supplements and nervous system supplements. Those with adaptogens and 360-degree approach are always a winner.’

You can see our list of the best supplements for 2023 here.

Perfect Your Pre-Wedding Facial

Practice makes perfect, and helps avoid a load of disasters later down the line. Kate advises that, ‘During this period, your pre-wedding facial (the one you’ll also be receiving the week before the wedding) should be performed at least once, so that you and your facialist can see how your skin responds and ensure that no adverse effects occur. You will need to track how your skin is post facial; did you get any peeling or redness? If so, how long did this last for? This will determine how many days before the big day you have your pre-wedding facial.’

What To Do The Week Before

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Instant FX Skin Perfector Facial

‘Ideally, you want to have an in-clinic facial as close to the wedding day as possible,’ advises Kate. ‘Depending on how your skin has responded to previous treatments, this is usually anywhere from seven to three days pre-wedding.

‘We offer the Instant FX Skin Perfector facial, which combines the use of gentle exfoliation and peels, hydrating masks, eye and lip treatments and radio frequency to leave the skin visibly brighter, smoother, firmer and radiant. Remember that you should never have a treatment for the first time just before your wedding.’


Fire & Ice Facial

‘Your therapist will advise when to have the last facial before the big day,’ adds Nicola. ‘But for a last minute boost, I would recommend the Fire and Ice Facial. I always have this facial a day before a big event, but if you want to be cautious then one week before is fine.

‘Some salons offer dermaplaning as an add-on to this treatment, which involves a tool to remove facial fuzz (I wouldn’t recommend you do it yourself, as it requires a professional touch).’

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

‘Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is a wonderful addition to add in at this stage,’ recommend Dr Manning and Dr Woodward. ‘This treatment delivers oxygen deep into the skin, which helps to rejuvenate, brighten and impart a gorgeous glow. It is also very soothing, so can help calm down any pre-wedding jitters.’



‘I truly believe the best treatment to invest in a week before your wedding is Mesotherapy,’ says Izabela. ‘It’s a treatment that delivers incredible results – think an instant glow, brightness and hydration. Fabulous if you want to rejuvenate and refresh skin. At Dr David Jack Clinic, we offer the Egyptian Facial with an add-on of Mesotherapy; it’s always a winner.’


Consider Your Diet

It’s not too late to alter your diet slightly either, says Izabela, especially when it comes to the positive impact it could have on your skin. ‘Invest your time in creating a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet with high level of antioxidants – and don’t forget to hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water.’

Avoid The Sun

If your wedding sits somewhere between spring and summer, it can be tempting to make the most out of the good weather in the lead up to the big day. But remember: you don’t want to step down the aisle with a red face, courtesy of a nasty sunburn. In this case, it’s better to be cautious and protect your skin where you can. ‘Even if it’s a glorious week, slap on that sunscreen and wear a hat,’ says Isabela. ‘You don’t want to risk weird tan lines, or worse, burns!’

What To Do The Night Before

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Get A Good Night’s Sleep

With less than 24 hours until the big day, there’s not a lot you can do here in terms of facial treatments. The consensus among our wedding skincare professionals was that you should make sure you rest up and get a good night’s rest. ‘The best prep is an early night and good night sleep,’ says Izabela. ‘Listen to a sleepy podcast, some white noise or calming music if you need to. Stay hydrated – the more hydrated you are, the better you’ll look and feel.’

‘We recommend plenty of sleep, water and rest, try to relax and enjoy,’ add Dr Manning and Dr Woodward. ‘Avoid caffeine and alcohol as this can cause puffiness, which will carry over to the next day.’

Stick To Routine

While tempting, now is not the time to dive into new products, Izabela adds. ‘Obviously, make sure all your makeup is thoroughly removed and your skin is fresh and cleansed to minimise the risk of any overnight breakouts. To support relaxation the night before you can follow your weekly exfoliation routine and pop on your favourite face mask. Although, note that now is not the time to try out that new face mask you’ve read about, just in case you have a reaction; always use products that you are familiar with and you know your skin loves.’

On The Day

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Routine Routine Routine

You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The same goes for a good wedding skincare routine. ‘Our skin loves consistency so don’t be tempted to use a new serum or primer that your make up artist may recommend,’ advises Kate. ‘So it’s really important you perform your usual skincare routine.’

Last Minute Masks

This is an optional step for your routine if you fancy a last minute wedding skincare boost. ‘If you didn’t get much sleep the night before, then an eye mask such as the AumierMD Eye Rescue pads are great to brighten and hydrate the under eye area,’ says Kate. ‘You can also use a firming sheet mask; ideally you want to use one that leaves minimal serum residue on the skin as this may not sit well under your makeup. The Hydropeptide Polypeptide Collagel sheet masks are brilliant. Again, remember not to use any mask that you haven’t previously used.’

Bridal Glow

For a last minute reset, you’ll need some ice. ‘On the morning of your wedding, fill a large bowl with water and add some ice cubes and dunk your cleansed face in for five to 10 seconds. Repeat this two or three times,’ advises Nicola. ‘Pat dry and continue with the rest of your skin care. This is the ultimate last minute red carpet glow, and will leave you feeling fresh and energised on the day.’

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