Where To Get The Best Spray Tan In London
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Where To Get The Best Spray Tan In London

Get your glow on in the capital

Whether it’s a wedding, a party or simply an excuse to brighten up your day, a spray tan goes a long way when it come to perfecting a honeyed glow (without the risk of damaging your skin). Looking for the ultimate London spray tan guide? We’ve got you covered.

Where To Get The Best Spray Tan In London

Interior of a salon

Blush + Blow

Blush + Blow

Blush + Blow was created from founder Bridget O’Keeffe’s wish to create a one-stop beauty location, with plenty of hair, nails and skin services for visitors to choose from. When it comes to spray tans, the fantastically trained team will help you find the shade that suits your skin tone and pigmentation before using Sienna X spray tan to create your ideal bronze.

Where? 197 New Kings Rd, London SW6 4SR

BOOK: Spray tans start from £40. blushandblowlondon.com

BeauBronz Natural Tan, The Spa At Brown’s

For an uber-luxe experience (hopefully preceded by a trip to the spa), look no further than Brown’s Hotel. The spa offers a spray tan service using BeauBronz products, which exclusively use natural and organic ingredients to ensure a healthy-looking tan. The treatment is comprised of three steps: exfoliation to even out the skin surface, the tanning itself, and then moisturisation to polish off its signature glow.

Where? Brown’s Hotel, Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BP

BOOK: Spray tan is 30 minutes. roccofortehotels.com

Close up of woman's hip with tan line

Iris Avenue

Iris Avenue

Iris Avenue might be the queen of cuticle care and nail art, but it’s well worth paying the salon a visit for any tan top-ups. For your appointment, the team will invite you to one of the private rooms downstairs (be sure to grab one of the tasty cocktails from the bar on your way down), where they’ll use an alcohol-free tanning formula to evenly apply a golden glow to your skin. Tans are natural-looking and last up to seven days after your appointment.

Where? 32 Store Street, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 7BS

BOOK: Spray tans start from £35. irisavenue.com

Salon interior

Mayfair Beauty

Mayfair Aesthetics & Beauty

Located just off New Bond Street, this salon is nestled in the hub of London’s luxury district. While the numerous aesthetic treatments may seem tempting, it’s the dedicated tanning area we want. Here, award-winning luxury spray tans are performed using Sienna X products, designed to create a long-lasting natural-looking tan that can be tailored to your skin tone. Services range from face and legs to full-body spray tans, so you target any and all areas during your appointment.

Where? 5 Dering Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1AA

BOOK: Spray tans start from £44. mayfairaestheticsandbeauty.com

Secret Spa

If you can’t quite make it to the salon in time for your event, then Secret Spa will bring the salon to you. The service is a one-stop shop for beauty treatments, with a huge team of therapists ready to travel all over London to your home to deliver a luxurious service. You can book as many treatments as you like at one time (so you can schedule in your spray tan, hair and nails without leaving home), and all of the equipment needed for your session will be brought over by your therapist. On arrival, your therapist will set up their kit, carry out a consultation with you to find the right shade and result and then execute a beautifully even and natural-looking tan. Stress-free spray tan, sorted.

Where? Mobile services across London

BOOK: Spray tans start from £45. secretspa.co.uk

Spray Tan 101: Tips From The Experts

What Do You Need To Do Before Getting A Spray Tan?

‘Achieving a beautiful spray tan without mistakes is easy when your skin is prepared correctly before the treatment,’ says Nicky Matthews, founder of award-winning spray tan brand Sienna X. ‘Your spray tan appointment is super quick and can be done from start to finish in as little as ten minutes. This allows you the freedom to prep your skin to suit your schedule. Preparations can be done in advance to smooth out the skin to give the best base for your spray tan. Prep will help it last beyond its lifespan and fade with a natural result.’

Buff Away Dry Skin

‘Say goodbye to any dead skin with your favourite gentle natural exfoliator,’ says Nicky. ‘Simply buff your skin all over, concentrating on some of your slightly drier areas. Exfoliation helps to reveal a fresh new layer of smooth skin, helping your tan to last much longer. If possible, undergo this process at least 24 hours before your treatment to allow the skin’s pores to close fully. This prevents tan from building up in any unclosed pores.’

Remove Any Unwanted Hair

‘Exfoliate and do any hair removal shaving 48 hours before you tan,’ recommends Amanda Lee, owner of London salon Iris Avenue. ‘This will ensure that the tan catches the skin evenly, and will help it to last longer.’

‘This way, your pores have plenty of time to close so that any solution doesn’t cling and create unwanted dark patches,’ adds Nicky.

Rinse Off Any Products On Your Skin

The same goes for any skincare and makeup products you have lingering on your skin, says Nicky: ‘Ahead of your treatment, be sure to say goodbye to any products such as deodorant, perfume, oils, moisturisers and makeup before attending your spray tanning appointment. This way, the solution won’t cling to them and leave you with any white patches. Products such as these actually tend to act like a barrier and won’t allow your beautiful tan to take effect.’

Bring The Right Clothing

It’s also recommended that you bring clothing you’ll be comfortable wearing after your appointment. ‘Bring baggy, dark loose clothing to change into,’ says Amanda. ‘The spray tan has a guide colour that is more likely to transfer on to tight clothes. Baggy clothes are also good as it will avoid rubbing off the tan.’

There’s also the question of what to do about your knickers: ‘You will be given disposable underwear to be worn during your appointment, however if you would prefer to wear your own, wear something that you don’t mind getting any tan on.’

What Makes A Good Spray Tan?

  • Longevity: ‘You should get a spray tan a couple of days before a special occasion, as this will give the colour some time to settle,’ says Amanda. ‘It should last around seven days; to keep it looking its best, remember to moisturise regularly.’
  • Prep & Technique: ‘A good spray tan is not just in the hands of the spray tan therapist but also your own in how you decide to undergo prep,’ says Nicky. ‘If the correct preparation is carried out (including exfoliation) this can help increase the expected quality of your spray tan. Professional preparation is carried out by the therapist, using items such as exfoliating spritz to remove any telltale signs of sweat or deodorant – this will ensure that there is no discolouring of the tan. Applying barrier cream to dry areas will also ensure that areas such as elbows and knees are fully moisturised to remove the chance of any tanning solution clinging to the dry skin.’
  • Coverage: ‘Sienna X trained beauty therapists are taught our signature Sienna X routine to carry out a spray tan, ensuring that there are no areas on the body that could be missed as well as even coverage throughout,’ adds Nicky.
  • Natural: ‘Lastly, a good spray tan is one that is not obvious but looks natural,’ explains Nicky. ‘You want your client to leave your appointment looking like they have just got home from a two-week holiday.’

How To Choose The Right Spray Tan Shade

The salon you choose for your spray tan appointment should be able to help you pick the correct shade, says Amanda. ‘Your therapist will do a consultation in order to achieve the perfect shade according to your skin tone and the occasion.’

‘A well-trained spray tan therapist will always ensure that they have a variety of different shades in their collection ready to suit all skin tones,’ adds Nicky. ‘At Sienna X, we follow a shade chart that matches different skin tones with the most suitable spray tan shade. This is dependent on multiple factors, such as skin undertones and how well the skin naturally tans in the sun. The shade chosen also depends on how many days before an occasion the tan is being applied. We usually recommend having a tan 48 hours before your client’s desired occasion, however, if there needs to be a longer gap we recommend a darker shade to allow it to fade in time for the event.’

How To Maintain Your Spray Tan At Home

Just After Your Appointment

‘Wait at least eight hours before showering the tan off,’ advises Amanda. ‘If you have to sleep in the tan, wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing it off before it’s properly settled. Then, when it comes to showering off the tan, use lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Pat your skin dry with a towel (while avoiding rubbing motions) and you should be good to go.’

Prolonging Your Tan

‘Tan upkeep at home can be achieved by using the correct products and aftercare,’ explains Nicky. ‘It is important that you moisturise regularly to keep the skin hydrated. The tan will start to fade as the skin cells naturally shed away from the surface, but regular moisturisation can slow this process – letting you keep your tan for longer.’

Layering Up

There’s also a number of lotions you can use to keep your tan looking fresh, says Amanda. ‘You can prolong your tan with a gradual tanning lotion, as it will help the tan to fade more slowly and evenly.’

‘If clients are wanting to tan over their spray tan as it starts to fade, we recommend using a tanning lotion as this can be applied in a similar method to a normal moisturiser,’ adds Nicky. ‘If a mousse application is preferred, ensure to use a product enriched with moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.’

Featured image: Blush + Blow