Brides Are Swearing By This Wedding Day Manicure – Here’s Why

By Charlie Colville

3 weeks ago

We're taking the big white wedding seriously this season

Contrary to popular belief, bridal shopping doesn’t stop at the dress. There are multiple layers to a wedding day look – way more than just the clothes – and the wedding day manicure is one of the most important. Between holding the bouquet and exchanging rings, your hands (and, by default, your nails) will be the photo focus throughout the day. So, how best the dress them? According to Pinterest searches, white nails are the ultimate bridal pick for a wedding day manicure.

When looking into the top manicure trends across the platform, beauty retailer Justmylook found that there were over 1.6 million pins depicting white nails on wedding or bridal-themed boards – with initial nails and glitter tips following closely behind at 1.5 and 1.2 million pins respectively – making it the bridal manicure of the moment. But what’s the appeal?

Why Brides Are Picking White Nails For Their Wedding

‘White nails are a classic choice that brings style and grace to any bridal look,’ says Hayley Walker, a Justmylook Beauty Expert. ‘The timeless beauty and understated elegance of white nails make it perfect for weddings, with its versatility complementing any dress style. The clean and classic feel of white nails enhances the bridal look and effortlessly couples well with a white wedding gown. Opting for white nails removes the stress of contemplating styles, allowing you to focus on your special day.

‘This trending manicure involves a minimal design with the white colour as the style’s focal point,’ she adds – although Hayley also notes that many brides are putting their own spin on the look of their nails. ‘This is a style that can be altered and personalised for each bride by incorporating some kind of pattern, texture or finish. The white nails trend really has no fixed design; it can be worn to achieve a timeless and simplistic aesthetic or a more contemporary effect using floral print or glitter. Whether it’s matte, glossy, tips or patterned, white nails can be tailored for any bride.’

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The Symbolism Of White Nails

But why white, specifically? It’s not just a matter of matching the dress, white is a colour laced with bridal symbolism: fresh starts, new beginnings and, more recently, wedding day romance. ‘White is a notable colour associated with brides, symbolising purity and new beginnings,’ agrees Hayley. ‘Incorporating this colour with your nails enhances the symbolic tone, elevating the sentimental feel of the day. Weddings are all about new beginnings and celebrating love, with white illustrating this in a beautifully elegant way.’

Can Bridesmaids Wear White Too?

There’s no reason why bridesmaids can’t get in on the trend too – although, at the end of the day, the bride will be calling the shots on her bridal party nails.

Although, generally speaking, Hayley recommends opting for a more subtle look when it comes to bridesmaids. ‘A subtle manicure not only complements the dresses but also prevents the nails from standing out in photos,’ she says. ‘Neutral, pink and white are perfect for bridesmaids for a simplistic and elegant look, however, this can also be down to the bride’s preference. White nails could be exclusive to the bride, or the bride might prefer to include bridesmaids in this trending aesthetic, adding a sentimental feel to the style.’

What Next?

Brides might be pretty wedded to their white nails now, but do beauty experts see a long union on the cards? ‘As anything in the beauty industry, nail trends are everchanging, so it’s likely that white nails’s dominating status will fade and reemerge,’ says Hayley. ‘Trends also evolve, so a simple, elegant style may morph into a more dramatic, stylish aesthetic. While changing trends can make it difficult to decide on a wedding nail manicure, opting for white nails guarantees a timeless look that will never go out of style.’

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