Holland & Holland Has Been Perfecting The Art Of Shooting Since 1835
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Holland & Holland Has Been Perfecting The Art Of Shooting Since 1835

Holland & Holland is a Great British Brand 2024

Holland & Holland is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Holland & Holland: Great British Brand 2024

Family in hunting gear

‘Since our acquisition by Beretta Holding, we have focused again on our core essence of shooting and hunting. Holland & Holland, pre-eminent gun-maker since 1835, crafts exceptional shotguns and rifles. Proud Royal Warrant holders, our values of quality, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation are distilled into every gun and all aspects of the company.

The guns remain sublime. For the owner they are beautiful works of art to be enjoyed, not just for function and performance but for their feel, look and aesthetics: stocks carved from Circassian walnut, engraved metalwork and customised details personalised to each buyer. Time-honoured skills combine with state-of-the art machinery in one dedicated London factory where we are perfecting the art of shooting. 

Technology aids that quest for perfection. Our guns are tested at the London Proof House, but using Finite Element Analysis we can test digitally how the gun moves under pressure. AI may assist us, but I don’t see it writing brochures or to customers – that’s more personal. Many customers want to escape from the digital world and enjoy an experience in the field with their gun, their dog and their friends.

Our people are passionate about shooting, storytellers inspired by our heritage preserved in our Brevis Collection of historic firearms. Our Northwood shooting ground boasts five full-time instructors and some 20 part-timers. Its restaurant sources all-British food – line-caught cod from Cornwall, wild venison from estates we know – all at a level of excellence to match the brand. We also devote research and time to making clothing and accessories – from jackets to belts and cartridge bags – just as true to our heritage, while performing excellently for the job for which they were designed. Even a pen, designed and machined in brass to the shape of the .375 calibre bullet we invented, delights an owner with its link with a rifle.’

Nigel Stuart, COO

Five Proudest Moments

  1.  In 1861, the first of 51 Holland patents, No.1904, was awarded. Many are still current today, in testament to the innovation of our founders. 
  2. The ‘Royal’ trademark was applied for in 1885, heralding a moniker and identity that will go on to be synonymous with the brand.
  3. The .375 Magnum cartridge, one of the most prolific calibres in use today was first introduced in 1912.
  4. The .700 NE ‘Royal’ Double Rifle created in 1989, has proved to be a benchmark of excellence as yet unrivalled in large-calibre rifles. 
  5. The 2023 launch of a new Holland & Holland clothing and accessories range marked a new era for the company, and for the luxury field-sports apparel and gifting market.

What I’ve Learnt

  • Perfection takes time; even after 188 years we drive ever forwards in relentless pursuit of the highest quality.
  • Heritage, the human touch and passion cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence.
  • Innovation is not always about new products but more a way of thinking: how to progress, yet stay true to the core essence.


36 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1JD

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