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Interview: Miranda Kerr on Family Homes & Tea

Model Miranda Kerr tells Lucy Cleland about home life in Malibu and her collaboration with Royal Albert

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Model Miranda Kerr has collaborated with British heritage brand Royal Albert to create a range of gifts and glassware, inspired by her love of nature, butterflies and even her granny’s old tea set. In our April Interiors Issue she talks about what drew her to the project, as well as her childhood, personal style and home life in her Malibu sanctuary…

Miranda Kerr

You were born in Australia but now live in Malibu… Do you miss home at all? 

I absolutely love Australia and of course, I miss so many aspects of it, but LA is our home now and we’ve established a great lifestyle here. Flynn [Miranda’s son with Orlando Bloom] has lots of space to roam around and play outdoors, he loves swimming, jumps on the trampoline, we have a vegetable garden – it actually reminds me of the lifestyle that children have in Australia.

Are you more of a town or country girl at heart? 

I grew up in a small country town, so I would say the latter. I had a wonderful upbringing, growing up surrounded by nature and lots of cousins – we would climb trees, swim and ride horses and motorbikes. On reflection, it was such a free-spirited childhood and definitely influenced my outlook on life.

What’s your home like? 

My home in Malibu is like a sanctuary – it’s so peaceful and quiet, my favourite aspect is that it has a huge outdoor deck that looks over the Pacific Ocean. My favourite room is my bedroom, it’s a little bit romantic and a little bit luxurious, I have a ‘Hampshire’ bath in there which is my special treat and I use Kora Organics bath products to help me unwind at the end of each day.

Can you give us any interiors tips? 

I like collecting things from my travels all over the world, and I love pieces that evoke a memory or that have a story attached to it. I think that’s what gives your home character. I also love crystals, they can really help to create a calm space – I have rose quartz, clear quartz and amethysts throughout the home and garden.

Miranda Kerr

You’ve collaborated on a range of gifts and glassware for British heritage brand, Royal Albert… what drew you to it? 

What I love about Royal Albert is that it has been around for such a long time. It’s a trusted brand with
a wonderful heritage, and it is renowned for quality. I was honoured when they approached me to design a collection as I spent a lot of time with my grandma growing up, and she had a Royal Albert tea collection that I adored… 

What ideas did you bring to the collection? 

When I put together the initial vision board I had quite a few different ideas inspired by my love of nature and butterflies. It has been a fantastic journey, and I enjoyed every moment of seeing my vision come together. I wanted to create a timeless collection that I would have in my own home. The new collection is an extension of the same theme as before, but I have now added giftware – including jewellery boxes and photo frames.

Do you collect anything? 

Yes, too many shoes and sunglasses!

What’s your greatest extravagance? 

Redecorating my Malibu home, I’ve really invested a lot to make it a sanctuary for me to retreat to. I’ve filled it with all the things I love, from a baby grand piano to my cherished Royal Albert teaware. I also have a separate meditation room and a yoga studio with an infrared sauna.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I like to keep it classic and comfortable but it depends on where I’m going. I’m quite tactile so I like different fabrics. It’s fun to experiment with fashion, it’s a great way to express your mood. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

What clothes would we find you in away from the catwalk? 

Generally, day-to-day, it’s based around my favourite high-waisted Mother denim jeans – I just designed a capsule collection for them, with a simple T-shirt, blazer and flats. If it’s a business meeting I like more elegant pieces, such as a feminine dress or a high-waisted skirt and blouse.

If we rummaged around your handbag, what would we find? 

Cellphone, earphones, chakra wand, concealer, eyelash curlers, Kora Organics lip balm, hand cream, mini mirror, a nail file and sometimes a random toy that Flynn has put in there.

Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert

How do you keep your hair looking so full, glossy and gorgeous? 

I wash my hair every other day and let it dry naturally, I find rinsing it with really cold water makes it super shiny.

What lessons do you want to teach your son? 

It’s important for me that he shows gratitude, has good manners and is respectful. We also hold hands at the dinner table each night and give thanks for the food that we’ve been blessed with and for our health.

What’s your perfect day? 

By the beach with my son and fiancé [Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel] building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean, enjoying nature, laughing.

What are the ingredients for the perfect party? 

Good friends, music and conversation – I like to create a playlist for my dinner parties. The ambience is important, so I like to light the room with lamps and candles. Lastly, food that is cooked with love!

Where would you be on a Saturday night, then again on a Sunday morning?

I much prefer to have a night in at home with a glass of wine and a long warm bath than be out and about. On Sunday mornings it’s all about quality family time for us – we cook breakfast together and then walk Teddy our dog.

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