Here’s Why Everyone’s Talking About London’s AIRE Ancient Baths

By Rebecca Cox

11 months ago

A subterranean haven in the capital

(Earth) AIRE (fire) and water: London’s most luxurious ancient baths destination has all the elements for the ultimate relaxation experience. Here’s what you need to know about the city’s most buzzy wellbeing destination. 

AIRE Ancient Baths London

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to London spas, but true escapism remains rare. For a truly restorative break, consider going underground. London’s AIRE Ancient Baths are beneath street level, a dark and cosy haven away from the hustle and bustle (and phone signal) of the city above. Speaking of restoration, AIRE Ancient Baths are always housed in restored ancient buildings in the heart of cities steeped in culture. In this case, it’s an 18th Century townhouse in Covent Garden, in which the author of Peter Pan, JM Barrie, resided. Designed by Robert Adam, a neoclassical architect, visitors can enjoy the building’s original features, including ceiling roses, cornices and brick vaulted ceilings still visible throughout. 

The Concept

There are eight AIRE Ancient Baths destinations worldwide, each based in historical buildings in the centre of cities, offering visitors an instant escape. The concept is based on the tradition of ancient baths from the Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilizations. Phones are not allowed, speaking is discouraged (whispering is permissible): not only do these meticulously designed and carefully curated spaces transport guests to another place, but another time entirely. Combining a visit to the ancient baths with a signature massage from the expertly crafted treatment menu completes an AIRE experience. 

The Ancient Baths

There are a host of treatments available at AIRE, but they all include access to the Ancient Baths, a journey through a host of plunge pools and wet rooms with different temperatures and properties. It is here, in the labyrinth of floatariams and steam rooms, baths and hydrotherapy pools, that true zen is achieved. The Tepidarium is perfect for lounging, a swim-through corner bath-cum-pool set to 36 degrees. The hottest bath is set to 40 degrees, the coldest a 10 degree ice pool (only for the brave). The Vaporium steam room is infused with mint and eucalyptus and features its own mini cold plunge to cool off in. Experimenting switching between them all until you find your preferred order is advised, but our pick of the lot (and where you’ll find us) is the Floatarium, a salt-water bath in which you can float unaided in the tepid water, under the domed ceilings (and away from life’s stresses).  

AIRE Ancient Baths London

Beyond AIRE: More Locations To Visit

Once you’ve fallen in love with AIRE London, you’ll be able to choose your next holiday destination by the locations of the other baths. The first to open was Aire of Sevilla, which was established in a sixteenth century palace where Ancient Roman baths once existed. Other outposts include Barcelona and Almeria plus New York, AIRE de Vallromanes, (located in the countryside in the outskirts of Barcelona) and AIRE Chicago. Future plans include a second location in New York and another centre in Toronto scheduled to open in 2024.

The Final Word

An immersive experience for the ages: this subterranean spa-cation is worth the hype. We trialled the Holistic Ritual on our visit, a full-body treat for softer, smoother, hydrated skin featuring an invigorating scrub and an incredible enveloping massage featuring a calming warm green tea massage oil, plus a smoothing honey hair mask. If you’re looking for something different than the usually hotel day spas in London, these ancient baths are a breath of fresh AIRE. 

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Choose Your Journey

The Ancient Baths are the star attraction, but AIRE’s treatment menu is packed with incredible options to take your experience to another level (both metaphorically and physically – the ritual rooms are light and airy, several floors above the baths). We’d highly recommend combining a massage with your visit to the baths to maximise your experience: here’s what you can pick from on the menu…

Ancient Baths 

A journey of relaxation, a tour at your own pace through the baths. £115 per person

Ultimate Baths

A tour of the Ancient Baths Experience enhanced with a DIY aloe vera body scrub, a moisturising face mask and a refreshing fruit shot. £130 per person

Ancient Relaxing Massage

These experiences include the Ancient Bath Experience combined with a 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute relaxing massage. From £178-£240 per person

The Royal Indulgence

A 15-minute exfoliation with a body plane, a 45 minute tea-oil massage, a 30 minute private Earl Grey tea soak, an exclusive tea and chocolate tasting and the Ancient Bath Experience. £400 per person

The Signature Wine Experience

A 60 minute massage, followed by a 30 minute private red wine soak with a 15 minute cranial massage including a wine and cheese tasting. £450 per person

Love Myself

Enjoy a relaxing 45 minute massage with basalt stones, a choice of soothing or energising oil, our thermal tour, a juice or cava and truffles. £215 per person

Ancient Argan Massage  

A 75 minute deeply nourishing massage with argan oil known for its hydrating and protective properties. £240 per person

The Holistic Ritual 30, 45, 60

A complete head to toe restorative experience including a 15 minute lime and sugar scrub followed by a massage for the duration of your choice. From £210 to £250 per person

Himalayan Salt Ritual

A 90 minute treatment including a full body scrub, massage incorporating hot Himalayan Salt Stones, a relaxing infusion. £280 per person

Ultimate Blossom Ritual

A 30 minute treatment including a floral exfoliation, lotus mist, and white clay body mask. £180 per person

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AIRE Couples Experiences

If you’re looking for the best couples treatments in London, AIRE Ancient Baths is also the perfect spot for a romantic day. The following treatments are perfect for two.

Couples Escape Baths 

Ancient Bath Experience for two and two glasses of cava and truffles. £250 for two

Love Constellations 30, 45, 60 

A relaxing massage for two with basalt stones, a soothing or energising oil of your choice and cava or juice and truffles. From £398 to £472 for two

Escape Together 30, 45, 60, 90

A relaxing massage with orange blossom oil for two and two glasses of Cava and truffles. From £365 – £500 for two

Grand Indulgence

A 90 minute full body lavender infused ritual. Enjoy a 75 minute full body massage, a 15 minute foot treatment and two fruit juices or cava. £660 for two

Signature Wine Experience for two

A 60 minute massage, followed by a 30 minute private red wine soak with a 15 minute cranial massage including a wine and cheese tasting and the Ancient Baths Experience. £900 for two

Royal Indulgence for two

A 15-minute exfoliation, a 45 minute tea-oil massage, a 30 minute private Earl Grey tea soak, an exclusive tea and chocolate tasting. £800 for two