Tasteful Travels: Three UK Hotels For Foodies

By CTH Editors

6 months ago

A feast for the senses

Looking for a hotel where dinner will be just as impressive as the surroundings? PoB Hotels celebrates British cuisine in its new book The Handle, and an exclusive programme of magical dinners.

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UK Hotels For Foodies

The dining room at UK hotel Gravetye Manor

Gravetye Manor

When it comes to UK hotels for foodies, PoB Hotels are the cream of the crop. This year, PoB Hotels will be whisking its guests on a culinary adventure around the British Isles. It starts with ‘Seasoned to Perfection’, an initiative that not only showcases the rich and diverse food culture of the British Isles but also provides guests with the opportunity to engage in extraordinary culinary experiences.

This includes ‘Six Hand Dinners’, a new concept for 2024. Offered at PoB Hotels in sublime locations, the exclusive dining experiences, led by three chefs, invite guests to marvel at their culinary artistry and how they are inspired by their remarkable surroundings and local, seasonal produce.

PoB Hotels new book, The Handle

PoB Hotels has also released the latest edition of its highly anticipated annual book, The Handle. This latest captivating edition is dedicated to the celebration of food, featuring over 40 recipes from celebrated chefs within the collection. Discover oodles of inspiration for your idyllic British getaway, delve into sustainable dining practices, explore the art of cultivating your own produce, and glean expert wine-pairing tips. The Handle is your gateway to a host of unique experiences – you can order your complimentary copy at pobhotels.com

3 Extraordinary Culinary Experiences

Farlam Hall