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An Inside Look at the UK’s First Houseplant Hotel

Forest-bathing in the City never seemed so easy…

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Heralding the house plant trend that has been taking the interiors world by storm, East London’s Leman Locke Hotel – a trendy aparthotel-style destination located just a stone’s throw away from Aldgate East station – has been transformed into a botanical oasis. Well, at least three of its studio suites have.


Houseplant Hotel

Romance Suite Living Room

Plant-inspired platform, The Joy of Plants – whose mission is to help people understand the therapeutic power of plants – has launched the UK’s very first houseplant suites within the avant-garde hotel, injecting each room with an infusion of glorious greenery to ensure a healthy, peaceful and restorative stay for travellers, commuters and more.

Restyled by illustrious biophilic designer Oliver Heath, Grace & Thorn founder Nik Southern and ‘Mr Plant Geek’ Michael Perry, the rooms have been divided into three individual categories, each offering a unique and differentiating experience.

Houseplant Hotel

Productivity Suite Bedroom

In Heath’s Productivity Suite (in which I was lucky enough to experience a night’s stay myself), brain-boosting plants such as Boston ferns and peace lilies adorn the windows, walls and bathroom, while guests can delight in state-of-the-art ‘soundwave therapy’, T2 teas and a special dose of CBD oil. A millennial pink sofa enveloped in foliage (ideal for aesthetic Instagram posting), along with pastel contemporary art works and a luxuriously comfy bed make this an ideal staycation space for busy workers and commuters in need of a remedial night’s sleep. If there’s work to be done throughout your stay, the suite also provides complimentary use of an iPad, headphones and an array of artsy notepads. It’s also near impossible to not achieve a good night’s sleep in this plant-infused oasis – the air feels clean, the ambience is peaceful, and a warm cup of T2 sleep tea is enough to send anyone off into a deep slumber.

Houseplant Hotel

Oliver Heath in the Productivity Suite

Then there’s Nik Southern’s Romance Suite, a passion-enhancing haven designed with a beautiful botanical canopy and inclusive of a ‘love-boosting’ cocktail. For those who seek quiet respite from the city, Michael Perry’s tropical plant-enriched Tranquil Suite offers guests the chance to ‘forest-bathe’ in style, featuring an array of therapeutic and purifying flora, along with a designated plant meditation space.

Houseplant Hotel

Nik Southern in the Romance Suite

As if you needed any more of an excuse to experience an unforgettable stay in one of these jungle-inspired rooms, the Leman Locke Hotel’s Treves & Hyde offers an exceptional dining experience, serving up delicious seasonal dishes such as confit pork belly, pumpkin gnocchi fricassee and delectable chocolate delice. If being surrounded by plants has left you desiring a more healthy indulgence, Hyde on the ground floor offers organic salads, juices and teas, and crafty cocktails by night. There is also a fully-stocked bar, a studio which hosts weekly yoga classes and a modern meeting space designed for creative co-working in the city.

Houseplant Hotel

Mr Plant Geek in the Tranquil Suite

UK manager at The Joy of Plants, Chanel De Kock said: ‘Hotels have started to feature beautiful plant installations in communal areas for a number of years now but the botanical installations seem to end there.  We know that people are inspired when they travel and take inspiration from the places they stay in, so this is a unique opportunity to stimulate guests with biophilic design. People are slowly waking up to the fact that the humble houseplant is so much more than just a decorative or design object – they are a powerful source of life that give so much more than they take.’

Houseplant Hotel

Tranquil Suite Spa Room

Eden Locke Development’s managing director, Eric Jafari added: ‘We’re incredibly excited about our partnership with The Joy of Plants. The ethos behind our properties is that they should feel like a ‘home from home’ and this concept really amplifies this. The themed rooms will give our residents a truly unique experience that they will never forget, we look forward to welcoming them at Leman Locke for a treat for all the senses.’

Book now to experience a one-of-a-kind stay at the Plant House Hotel until 10 November 2019. Email [email protected] and receive an automatic 15 percent discount.

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