Expect a Hellenistic Revival for 2022 Interiors

By Charlotte Rickards

3 years ago

Greece is the Word

Expect a Hellenistic Revival for 2022 Interiors

A Hellenistic revival is set to be the interiors aesthetic for 2022, that’s according to Pinterest’s predictions released today. From Corinthian home decor to Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper, here’s everything you need to know about the Ancient Greek aesthetic that’s set to furnish our homes for 2022. 

For starters, what is the Hellenistic period? It refers to the age in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, from the death of Alexander The Great in 323BC to the conquest of Egypt in 30BC — roughly. It’s a period of history known for Greece’s establishments of cities and towns across Egypt, Asia Minor and Persian Empire near India, resulting in a melting pot of styles that’s typical of the period.


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Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) was a sculpture particularly popular for the period, and it shows no signs of stopping for today. Search terms for ‘Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper’ climbed +180%, which goes the same for ‘Greek statue art’ which rocketed three times the number of searches, compared to last year.

Pinners are also searching for ‘Corinthian columns’ — which is the most ornate of column style of Ancient Greece, featuring a fluted narrow column, with acanthus leaves and volutes to decorate the capital (that’s the head of the column).


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Pinning down why this niche revival is set for 2022 particularly, remains elusive. Could it be a certain type of wanderlust to spend a summer in Santorini? Or perhaps it’s been bubbling ever since Call Me By Your Name aired starring Timothée Chalamet, where the subplot features a glistening ruined torso sculpture excavated from the ocean. Whether it’s a touch of academia-infused nostalgia or sun-soaked escapism, we’ve scoured to give you best finds to decorate your home with this Hellenistic revival.

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Main image: The Dome Room at The Soane Museum. Image Credit: Gareth Gardner.