10 Luxury Must-Haves for the Prime Property Buyer
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10 Luxury Must-Haves for the Prime Property Buyer

The property wishlist of the ultra rich and famous revealed...

Ever wondered what super-prime property buyers look for in a new home? Some of their demands may surprise you…

High-end property buying agents Garrington and architectural interior design studio Oliver Burns have agreed to lift the lid on some of the most common demands for those in the super-prime property market (Spoiler alert: it’s not low Council Tax bands…)

Behold, the 10 property ‘must-haves’

1. Super Sophisticated Security Systems 

The ultra-rich need to be ultra safe, naturally. Security systems may consist of bullet and bomb proof windows and doors, fingerprint and iris scanning and even panic rooms – with the whole thing controlled by an encrypted smartphone. Q would be proud.

2. Two Wine Cellars

One to be used for the prosaic business of storing wine, while the other is a furnished reception area where the owner can relax and enjoy a vintage tipple with guests. This is expected alongside similar storage for other collectables and investments, from luxury cars to high-end watches.

Interiors Inspiration: Home Wine Cellars / Luxury

3. …And Two Kitchens 

Wealthy clients often require a front-of-house show kitchen for entertaining – which is rarely used for cooking – alongside a commercial-grade kitchen at the back of the house where housekeeping staff can create restaurant-standard food.


Smallbone Kitchen

4. A Service Entrance and Staff Staircases

Separate entrances and staircases ensure service can be delivered as discreetly as possible.

5. Laundry Room on the First Floor

Kirsty Allsopp was right – utility rooms are no longer the preserve of the rich. Instead, the truly rich want a dedicated laundry room upstairs – on the same floor as the bedrooms.

6. Green Heating Technology

For large, power-hungry homes, clean energy systems can save money in the long-run. But more importantly, there are few better ways to demonstrate your green credentials than by burning biofuel to heat your home.

7.  Wellness Facilities

A simple home gym isn’t enough – super-prime buyers now look for comprehensive wellness facilities including saunas, hammams and treatment rooms.



8. A Home Cinema

Home cinemas once consisted of popcorn machines and rows of premium cinema seats, but these areas now tend to be more comfortable, intimate spaces to relax in, with the latest audio-visual equipment to rival any multiplex.

How to Create Your Own Home Cinema

9. Annexe or Nearby Apartment for Staff

As service staff should be as unobtrusive as possible, a separate annexe or apartment means they can be out of sight but on hand at all times.

10. Car Lift 

Garages are a given, but a car lift allows the safe and secure storage of multiple vehicles – from the weekend cabriolet to the limo for the daily commute. These are typically temperature controlled and some boast glazed partitions, so prized possessions can be admired from within the home.

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