Black Doves, Starring Keira Knightley & Sarah Lancashire: Everything We Know So Far
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Black Doves, Starring Keira Knightley & Sarah Lancashire: Everything We Know So Far

This spy thriller has an epic cast

From Killing Eve to The Night Manager, it’s safe to say that the UK knows how to make legendary spy shows – but will Netflix’s newest offering, Black Doves, top them all? Here’s everything you need to know about the brand new series.

Keira Knightley, Sarah Lancashire & Ben Wishaw Star in Netflix’s Black Doves

Keira Knightley in London, wearing a mustard yellow jacket.

Image courtesy of Netflix

What Is Black Doves About?

Netflix describes the show as ‘a sharp, action-filled and heartfelt story of friendship and sacrifice.’ Set in London during Christmas, it follows Helen Webb, a shrewd, levelheaded mother who just so happens to be a professional spy. For a decade, Helen has been passing on her politician husband’s darkest secrets to the shadowy organisation she works for: the Black Doves.

However, when Helen’s clandestine lover, Jason, is killed, her spymaster calls on Sam, an old friend and former assassin, to protect her. With Sam at her side, Helen begins hunting Jason’s killer – and she stumbles headfirst into a conspiracy that connects London to a huge geopolitical crisis that is about to change everything.

Who Will Star?

Ben Wishaw playing an assassin, holding a machine gun.

Image courtesy of Netflix

  • Keira Knightley as Helen Webb
  • Sarah Lancashire as spymaster Reed
  • Ben Wishaw as Sam Young
  • Andrew Koji as Jason
  • Andrew Buchan
  • Ella Lily Hyland

Is There A Trailer?

Not yet – check back here for updates.

When Will Black Doves Be Released?

Although Netflix has confirmed that Black Doves will arrive at some point this year, they haven’t given an official release date just yet. Watch this space.