Confirmed: The Night Manager Will Return For 2 More Seasons

By Martha Davies

3 months ago

Season 2 is coming... and so is season 3

It’s been eight years since The Night Manager first aired on the BBC and, at the end of last year, the BBC confirmed the show would finally be making a reappearance. Five months later, filming hasn’t started yet, but we do have fresh intel: The Night Manager is returning for not one but two new seasons, all thanks to a new partnership between the BBC and Amazon Prime Video. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Night Manager Seasons 2 & 3

Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager

Image © AMC

What Is The Night Manager About?

The Night Manager is adapted from a John Le Carré novel of the same name. Its protagonist is Jonathan Pine (played by Hiddleston), an ex-soldier who now serves as (you guessed it) the night manager of a luxury hotel in Cairo. Early in season 1, Pine is recruited by a British intelligence agent (Olivia Colman) to infiltrate the inner circle of a high-profile arms dealer named Dicky Roper (Hugh Laurie). Along the way, Pine begins to connect with Jemima ‘Jed’ Marshall (The Crowns Elizabeth Debicki), Roper’s ill-fated mistress.

Season 1 was written by David Farr and directed by Suzanne Bier (best known for her work on Netflix’s Bird Box). It quickly became one of the highest-rated UK dramas of 2016, winning two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes. 

What Will Happen In Series 2?

While the exact plot of season 2 is unclear – since John Le Carré didn’t actually write a sequel to the book on which the show is based – the BBC has confirmed that the show will pick up eight years after the first season’s events. We know for sure that Hiddleston will reprise his iconic role as Pine, and we expect a similar tone to series 1 as series creator David Farr is returning to pen the second series. But where will we meet Pine eight years after that explosive finale? And what has he been up to in the meantime?

On his return, Hiddleston said: ‘The first series of The Night Manager was one of the most creatively fulfilling projects I have ever worked on. The depth, range and complexity of Jonathan Pine was, and remains, a thrilling prospect. I can’t wait.’

While Hugh Laurie definitely won’t return on screen, he is playing a role behind the scenes: as an executive producer.

Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie in The Night Manager

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Why Is The Night Manager Coming Back?

‘I did not tread lightly into extending The Night Manager beyond the original book, but an idea came to me a couple of years ago which felt truthful to that unique world of dark corners and shady identities,’ says series creator David Farr, who worked closely with author John le Carré to create the first series; le Carré sadly died in December 2020. ‘No one marries the suspense of espionage with a deep exploration of the human soul quite like le Carré. I hope that in some way we can pay homage to his uneasy genius in this new exploration.’

Confirmed: There Will Also Be A Series 3

That’s right: the BBC and Amazon Prime Video have confirmed The Night Manager will return for a third season after the second has come to a close. On the news, Charlotte Moore, BBC Chief Content Officer, said: ‘After years of fervent speculation, I’m incredibly excited to confirm that The Night Manager is returning to the BBC for two more series. The multi award winning show was lauded by audiences and critics and catapulted British drama onto the global stage in 2016. Glamorous and sophisticated, it had the nation hooked. Bold storytelling and a stellar line up in front of and behind the camera made it unmissable viewing and the scale and ambition behind the new season will take it to even greater heights.’ We can’t wait.

Olivia Colman in The Night Manager

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Who Will Star In The Night Manager Series 2?

So far, only Tom Hiddleston is confirmed to return as Jonathan Pine. Season 1 of The Night Manager certainly boasted an array of big names, with Tom Hollander and David Harewood also starring. While the cast of the second season hasn’t been confirmed yet, Tom Hiddleston is set to reprise his role – and we can only hope that Olivia Coleman and Elizabeth Debicki follow suit.

When Will The Night Manager Season 2 Be Released?

There’s no official release date just yet. Filming has not started yet, but both series are scheduled to be filmed in 2024. We expect series 2 to appear in 2025, and series 3 to appear in 2026.

Where Is It Streaming?

All episodes of The Night Manager are currently streaming on BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video. The new seasons of The Night Manager will premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and globally on Prime Video.