Prince William’s Earthshot Prize: The 2023 Finalists Have Been Announced

The prestigious environmental award is back for its third year

Created by Prince William in 2020, The Earthshot Prize is an initiative founded upon discovering and championing revolutionary environmental solutions. The inaugural 2021 awards were held in London, while last year’s ceremony took place in Boston. And now, the 2023 edition of the Earthshot Prize heads to Singapore. We’ve got all the details…

Prince William’s Earthshot Prize 2023: Everything You Need To Know

As the impacts of climate change grow increasingly worrying, environmental action becomes ever more urgent. At such a critical time, however, there is a wealth of possibility and innovation, allowing us to make groundbreaking changes to our lives and to the planet. 

Within The Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales, The Earthshot Prize aims to uncover those at the forefront of such innovation and support them as they work on vital environmental solutions. The awards ceremony, held in Singapore this year, showcases the finalists and winners within five different categories, focusing on issues ranging from reducing waste to restoring the natural world.

What Is The Earthshot Prize?

The Earthshot Prize draws inspiration from John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot project, which brought together millions of people in the 1960s and propelled the creation of the cutting-edge technology that took man to the moon. The Prize harnesses this unifying and creative power to address the climate crisis and build a more sustainable future.

At the centre of The Earthshot Prize are five aims: to protect and restore nature; to clean our air; to revive our oceans; to build a waste-free world; and to fix our climate. Every year, The Earthshot Prize Council collates a shortlist of individuals, groups and institutions working towards these aims from activists and economists to governments and banks. 15 finalists are selected, and one winner from each of the five categories is announced during the awards ceremony.


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Who Are This Year’s Finalists?

On 19 September 2023, Prince William announced the 15 finalists for this year’s Earthshot Prize at the second Earthshot Innovation Summit. The innovators, who represent six continents, were chosen from 1,100 nominees and are all in the running to receive one of five £1 million prizes. Without further ado, the finalists are:

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The Earthshot Prize to Protect and Restore Nature

Nominee: Acción Andina, Peru

‘Acción Andina is a grassroots, community-based initiative working across South America to protect native high Andean forest ecosystems for their invaluable benefits to nature and millions of people in the region.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Protect and Restore Nature

Nominee: Freetown the Tree Town, Sierra Leone

‘Combining community stewardship and digital tools, the City of Freetown’s initiative, Freetown the Tree Town is galvanising a grassroots movement for tree preservation in Sierra Leone’s capital.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Protect and Restore Nature

Nominee: Belterra, Brazil

‘Belterra works with smallholder farmers in Brazil to restore forests through regenerative agricultural practices and to create market incentives for sustainably grown crops.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Clean Our Air

Nominee: Polish Smog Alert, Poland

‘One of the world’s most effective conservation campaign groups, Polish Smog Alert, helps secure policy change and air quality improvements across Poland and has goals to do the same across Central and Eastern Europe.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Clean Our Air

Nominee: ENSO, UK

‘ENSO creates tyres specially designed for electric vehicles that are more sustainable and reduce harmful tyre pollution, leading to cleaner air for everyone.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Clean Our Air

Nominee: GRST, Hong Kong

‘With the development of a new way to build and recycle vital lithium-ion batteries, GRST’s solution offers a pathway to make the electric cars of the future even cleaner.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Revive Our Oceans

Nominee: Abalobi, South Africa

‘Using easy-to-scale technology, Abalobi works with small fishing communities to record their catch data and to ensure a fair and improved livelihood from sustainable fishing.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Revive Our Oceans

Nominee: Coastal 500, Global (US HQ)

‘A global network of mayors and local government leaders, Coastal 500 is restoring ocean habitats and advocating for coastal protection internationally.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Revive Our Oceans

Nominee: WildAid Marine Programme, Global (US HQ)

‘Global non-profit organisation WildAid uses partnership building and knowledge sharing to address the world’s ocean conservation needs.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Build a Waste-Free World

Nominee: S4S Technologies, India

‘S4S Technologies’ solar-powered dryers and processing equipment combat food waste, enabling small-hold farmers to preserve crops and turn produce that might otherwise go to waste into valuable products.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Build a Waste-Free World

Nominee: Circ Inc., US

‘US-based company Circ has created a groundbreaking solution to enable the recycling of polycotton fabrics, which make up half of all textile waste.’

Read about Circ’s collaboration with Vivobarefoot to make shoes fully recyclable here

Man in lab coat stood in front of table with colour swatches

The Earthshot Prize to Build a Waste-Free World

Nominee: Colorifix, UK

‘Colorifix uses DNA sequencing and nature’s own colours to create sustainable dyes that reduce the fashion industry’s use of water and harmful chemicals.’

Read about Colorifix’s collaboration with Vollebak here

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The Earthshot Prize to Fix Our Climate

Nominee: Sea Forest, Australia

‘Sea Forest’s revolutionary seaweed-based livestock feed drastically reduces the planet-warming methane emissions from cattle and sheep and supports sustainable farming and healthy marine ecosystems.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Fix Our Climate

Nominee: Aquacycl, US

‘Using microbial technology, Aquacycl are making the treatment of industrial wastewater more accessible, more efficient, and less polluting.’

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The Earthshot Prize to Fix Our Climate

Nominee: Boomitra, Global (US HQ)

‘Boomitra are removing emissions and boosting farmer profits by incentivising land restoration through a verified carbon-credit marketplace.’

Where Will The 2023 Awards Take Place?

With the aim of highlighting the environmental innovation of Southeast Asia, this year’s Earthshot Prize awards ceremony will take place in Singapore on Tuesday 7 November. The event is a dazzling and inspirational affair: each of the five winners are awarded an astonishing £1 million to drive their work and help to protect and restore our planet. 

Alongside these all-important announcements, the awards ceremony will feature powerful speeches and exciting performances from world-famous musicians – the 2021 ceremony included appearances from celebrities including Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. 

Singapore skyline at sunset.

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However, the awards aren’t the only thing to look forward to this year: for the first time ever, they will be accompanied by an entire series of events which will form part of the brand new Earthshot Week.

Commencing on Monday 6 November, Earthshot Week will enable businesses, investors and global leaders to gather in Singapore and meet the Earthshot Prize winners and finalists.  Members of the public will also have the opportunity to attend local events surrounding the 2023 Earthshot projects.

Amid issues that can often make us feel powerless, the Earthshot Prize addresses environmental concerns with optimism and determination. The 2023 awards ceremony promises to be a night full of crucial insights and much-needed hope, as trailblazers of sustainability are celebrated.



Featured image credit: Daniel Welsh, Unsplash