Wrexham AFC: Meet The Nation’s New Favourite Football Club

By Charlie Colville

1 year ago

Get to know the club that everyone's talking about

Wrexham AFC is everywhere right now. The football club, which is currently owned by actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, made headlines earlier this week when they won their first league title in 45 years – much to the glee of fans across the world. While Wrexham has a fiercely loyal fanbase, for many this is the first time the Welsh club has fallen onto our radar. Get to know the nation’s new favourite football club, courtesy of our guide below.

Wrexham AFC: Meet The Nation’s New Favourite Football Club

For those completely new to the team, Wrexham AFC is a professional association football club hailing from North Wales, United Kingdom. The club, which recently climbed to the top of the National League, has been playing for over 150 years – and has subsequently attracted a pretty huge fanbase. It’s had its ups and downs (its lowest low being in 2011 after mismanagement led to the club being served a winding-up order), but the club has had something of a Renaissance in recent years. It’s taking the world by storm, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for the team.

Ready to commit to the fandom? To help you get started, we’ve rounded up our favourite facts about Wrexham AFC – we hope you enjoy getting better acquainted with the club…

10 Things To Know About Wrexham AFC

1. Wrexham AFC Is The Oldest Football Club In Wales

It’s no secret that Wrexham AFC is steeped in history, being the oldest football club in Wales and the world’s third oldest professional football club. The club was founded in 1864 by members of the Wrexham Cricket Club (who at the time wanted an alternative sporting activity for winter), and its first game was played against the Prince of Wales Fire Brigade at its home stadium, The Racecourse.

2. And Has The Most Welsh Cup Wins

Wrexham AFC also has some pretty impressive stats. The club has won the Welsh Cup a record 23 times (the last one being in 1995), setting a record as the team with the most wins.

Rob McElhenney, Dior Angus and Tyler French playing football

WELCOME TO WREXHAM – Pictured: (l-r) Rob McElhenney, Dior Angus, Tyler French. CR: Patrick McElhenney/FX.

3. It’s Also A Guinness World Record Holder

Speaking of making history, the club also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest unbroken chain of penalty kicks scored in a single match. During a friendly match against Tamworth in 2016, Wrexham scored a whopping 34 consecutive penalty kicks – earning itself the record, and yet another layer to its legendary status.

4. Wrexham AFC Has A (Huge) Global Fanbase

While nestled away in a small town in North Wales, fans of Wrexham AFC hail from far and wide. Many supporters travel from all over the world to watch Wrexham AFC play, and the club recently recorded some of its best attendance ever at games, averaging more than 3,000 fans at each game this season – surpassing numbers of EFL and Europa League teams.

You can see where some of the club’s fans come from using the collaborative community map below:

5. ‘FA Cup Giant Killers’

The phrase ‘small but mighty’ seems fitting when it comes to describing Wrexham AFC. The club has a history of knocking out bigger and more established teams in the FA Cup, most notably taking out Premier League team Arsenal in the FA Cup third round during the 1991/1992 season. West Ham United, Middlesbrough, and Ipswich Town have also been the victim of Wrexham’s FA Cup Giant Killer streak. You know what they say: the bigger they are, the harder they fall (especially if Wrexham is the one doing the felling).

6. Home To The Oldest International Football Stadium

The home of Wrexham AFC, the Racecourse Ground is the oldest international football stadium in the world. The venue, which was originally the Denbighshire County Cricket Ground, hosted Wales’ first international match against Scotland in 1877. The Racecourse Ground has also hosted a number of concerts and events over the years, including the likes of musical icons Elton John and Stereophonics.

Back of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

WELCOME TO WREXHAM – Pictured: (L-R) Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney. CR: Patrick McElhenney/FX.

7. It’s Had Some Pretty Famous Managers Over The Years

As is the norm with football teams, they go through quite a few managers. Wrexham AFC has had some pretty well-known managers in its history, including former Welsh footballer (and the team’s longest-serving manager) Brian Flynn and former Wrexham player Andy Morrell (who became player-manager during his second spell at the club).

8. And Has A Fierce Rivalry With Chester FC

While Wrexham AFC does have ongoing rivalries with the likes of Cardiff City and Bristol City, its biggest (friendly) foe is arguably Chester FC. The two clubs, which are located just 12 miles apart, have played more than 150 games – with the first taking place in 1888. This regular match is known as the cross-border derby by fans, and Wrexham is currently in the lead as per its last game in 2018.

9. Wrexham AFC Is Currently In Its Hollywood Era

For the majority of us, Wrexham AFC has become a household name due to its recent Hollywood status. The club, which was previously owned by the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST), was bought by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in 2021. The takeover was approved by the club’s members in a vote, and Reynolds and McElhenney have been busy investing into the team and local community to help bring the club back into the international spotlight.

You can get to know the current team (and its owners) in Welcome To Wrexham, a sports documentary created by FX that follows the actors as they attempt to revive Wrexham AFC. There’s 18 episodes to tune into, which cover the history of the club and its fan community as well as recent mishaps and improving performance in recent years. UK viewers can watch it now on Disney+, disneyplus.com

10. The Club Is Part Of The Local Community

At the heart of Wrexham AFC is its local community. Working with schools and individuals in the local area via its Wrexham AFC Community Trust, the club runs multiple projects throughout the year designed to bring people together while promoting wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. Some of the most recent programmes include Girls Football Hubs, Walking Football, weekly Fun Football Sessions for primary-age children, Huddle girls’ football sessions and, during school holidays, Autism-Friendly Football.


Find out more about Wrexham AFC – and stay up to date with its matches – via wrexhamafc.co.uk

Featured image: WELCOME TO WREXHAM – Pictured: The Racecourse Ground. CR: Patrick McElhenney/FX