A First Look at Great British Brands 2022: We Can Be Heroes

By Amy Wakeham

2 years ago

Arriving Friday 21 January for subscribers, and on newsstands from 26 January

Your sneak peek at what to expect from Friday, with the launch of Great British Brands 2022.

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Great British Brands 2022

For Great British Brands 2022, entitled We Can Be Heroes, we’re putting the spotlight on brands that are giving back to their customers, employees, communities and the environment. These are the home-grown businesses leading the way to a brighter future in these unprecedented times. 

This year’s issue also features a selection of fascinating essays by some of Britain’s industry-leading experts and thinkers, delving into the subjects shaping the luxury industry in 2022.

Plus, covering the issue is legendary supermodel Erin O’Connor, who wears the best of British fashion in a shoot inspired by Old Masters, and photographed by Paul Farrell.

All in all, Great British Brands 2022 is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of British luxury, and the game-changing brands that are leading the way to a brighter future for all.

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