The C&TH Guide To London Design Festival

By Tessa Dunthorne

10 months ago

What to expect from this visual feast of a festival

Interiors, design and textiles abound at this year’s London Design Festival. Here’s how to make the most of the show this year.

The C&TH Guide To London Design Festival

London is still the ‘design capital of the world’, asserts its annual festival, a title bestowed on it by the New York Times in 2012. There’s no doubt that the construction, creative design and artistic industries of our city have faced challenges over the years though, be it caused by the pandemic or our conscious uncoupling from the EU. But the London Design Festival seeks to challenge anyone who might suggest that the design scene here has not quite rebounded to its former glory. It’s easy to believe – the breadth of skill and artistry in this city remains gloriously more vital than ever.

What Is London Design Festival?

Born in the early Noughties, and conceived by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans CBE, London Design Festival is a sprawling juggernaut of events, exhibitions and installations dotted around the entire city. It’s funded by the Mayor of London (among others) and celebrates the capital’s bounty of design and designers alike.

Material Matters at London Design Festival 2023

Material Matters: Solidwool, Hydro, Planq, Mixed Metals, Goldfinger, Bert Frank and SCP

How Do I Find My Way Around?

The festival is typically made up of over 300 exhibitors, across the capital. Don’t be buried by choice – Bloomberg Connects offers a free digital guide to the festival straight from your phone, including maps and commentary that will give you the know-how and the what’s-what – and the where-where.

What To See In 2023

Material Matters

We’re excited for the return of Material Matters, which brings together brands and makers in an exploration of how materials influence our lives and how we can reach a truly circular economy with our vital resources.

Maya: The Birth of a Superhero

Expect to spot us donning the VR goggles, too, at Maya: The Birth of a Superhero, an immersive exhibition which follows an ordinary girl as she gets her period for the first time – alongside unexpected superpowers.

The Fundamentals of Caring

We’re also curious about The Fundamentals of Caring, an interactive exhibition that takes a playful poke at the hotel’s interior design and curates sensory experiences that you can sniff, pick up and drink from.

When Is London Design Festival 2023?

London Design Festival 2023 takes place from 16 to 24 September across London.