How To Watch Apple TV’s WW2 Series Masters of the Air
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How To Watch Apple TV’s WW2 Series Masters of the Air

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' latest war drama is here

A decade in the making, WW2 miniseries Masters of the Air has finally arrived on Apple TV+, complete with a star-studded cast featuring Barry Keoghan, Austin Butler and Ncuti Gatwa. It’s been a huge hit, quickly becoming Apple TV+’s most-watched series launch to date. Keen to get involved? Here’s everything you need to know, including the true story behind it and how to stream the TV show.

Barry Keoghan in Masters of the Air

Barry Keoghan in Masters of the Air, now streaming on Apple TV+

What Is Masters of the Air About?

Based on Donald L Miller’s 2007 book of the same name, Masters of the Air tells the true story of the 100th Bomb Group, an American air unit who put their lives on the line to help dismantle Hitler’s Third Reich. The group is also known as the Bloody Hundredth, a grim nickname earned from its sky-high casualty rate: on their first mission alone, three planes and 30 men were lost. According to the Imperial War Museum’s website, during the 22 months of combat, 732 airmen had been declared killed or missing, with a further 923 taken prisoner, plus hundreds more wounded.

Ncuti Gatwa in Masters of the Air

Ncuti Gatwa in Masters of the Air, now streaming on Apple TV+

Who Is In The Cast?

It’s a starry affair for the series. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are at the helm as executive producers, having previously collaborated on two other war epics: Band of Brothers and The Pacific, with Masters of the Air being the third instalment of their WW2 trilogy.

The cast is equally A-list, starring Barry Keoghan (Saltburn) as Lt. Curtis Biddick, Austin Butler (Elvis) as Major Gale Cleven, Ncuti Gatwa (Doctor Who) as 2nd Lt. Robert Daniels, and Callum Turner (The Boys in the Boat) as Major John Egan. 

Other names in the cast include:

  • Bel Powley
  • David Shields
  • Anthony Boyle
  • Ben Radcliffe
  • Rafferty Law
  • Edward Ashley
  • Elliot Warren
  • Nate Mann 
  • Darragh Cowley


How To Watch Masters of the Air in the UK

The first two episode of Masters of the Air premiered on Apple TV+ on 26 January 2024. New episodes are now dropping weekly through to 15 March 2024, with nine episodes in total.