Road Test: VW ID. Buzz Cargo

By Jeremy Taylor

8 months ago

The electric answer to VW's classic groovy camper

Looking for a workhorse with a groovy history? The hippest van in town (or country) is the electric VW ID Buzz Cargo. Jeremy Taylor loads up his rose-tinted specs.

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Car Review: VW ID Buzz Cargo

VW ID Buzz Cargo

At A Glance

PRICE: £48,421 (£43,241 with plug-in grant)



RANGE: Up to 256 miles

0-62mph: 10.2 seconds

TOP SPEED: 90mph

PAYLOAD: 607kg

STREAMING: Down Under – Men at Work


The Volkswagen camper van inspired a generation of groovy travellers to explore the world. Hip and trendy, the microbus remains an iconic vehicle for young and old alike – a smash hit at any music festival, from Glasto to Glyndebourne.

Many petrol or diesel vans cost considerably less, provide more space and go much faster than the all-electric VW ID. Buzz Cargo. Yet, I doubt any commercial vehicle has ever offered quite as much character and head-turning retro chic. Volkswagen admits the Buzz was deliberately styled on the Type 2 van of the Swinging Sixties – Type 1 being the VW Beetle. Our Cargo is the van version of the more family-friendly, passenger Buzz. However, instead of five seats it offers just three, plus 3.9 cubic metres of load space.

VW has installed sliding rear doors on either side for better access when loading in town, while the charging cable is stored in an underfloor space, available even when the van is fully laden. The cockpit area has plenty storage too.

A large infotainment screen controls many in-van functions. The VW system isn’t the best but connects seamlessly to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Cruise control and a heated driver’s seat are standard. The cabin is not a funky as the passenger Buzz but perfectly adequate.

Finally, if you are a vegan, no animal products were used in the construction of VW’s first all-electric van. Perhaps another reason why the Buzz was named International Van of the Year 2023.

RATING: 4/5 handbags

VW ID Buzz Cargo


Thanks to innovative vehicles like the Buzz, smoky vans polluting the atmosphere will one day be a thing of the past. The Cargo is part of VW’s growing range of ID electric vehicles driving that EV revolution.

Electric vans such as the Ford E-Transit and Renault Kangoo E-Tech are key rivals, while other commercial vehicle manufacturers are turning to battery power too. Unfortunately for all of them, none have the attention-seeking kudos of the Buzz.

The VW would raise the profile of any business – whether it’s delivering bread or bricks. I had to factor in extra timing at every stop, chatting to people who once owned a classic Type 2 van, or were just keen to quiz me about the Buzz’s eco credentials.

Everybody loves the Buzz, which can only be good for business. If you opt for retro-style, two-tone paintwork to garner even more attention, there’s simply no chance of avoiding the limelight!

It may be pricey but on longer journeys, the ride comfort is exceptional for a van and, being electric, noise levels are at an absolute minimum. Handling and light steering are more car-like than you might expect too.

VW claims a maximum range of 256 miles but even unladen I was lucky to squeeze 200 from the battery pack. That figure would be dramatically cut with a full load onboard. Volkswagen is said to be working on new battery options.

The Buzz Cargo is currently the hottest electric van on the market and for good reason. Ageing hippies everywhere will want one, even if they don’t own a business.

RATING: 4/5 wellies

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