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The C&TH Guide to the Globe Theatre

Transport to Elizabethan England

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It’s a venue which needs no introduction. Home to some of the greatest plays ever written and the most world-renowned and revolutionary writer, Shakespeare’s Globe is a must-visit…

Iconically nestled on the south bank of the River Thames, the reconstructed open-air playhouse – the original model unfortunately burned down in 1613 – transports audiences back to Elizabethan England, with its ‘wooden ‘O’, half-timbered-style architecture and award-winning Shakespearean performances. From a contemporary take on Richard III, to exclusive guided tours of the Globe, explore the world of William Shakespeare with our guide to London’s most iconic theatre…

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The Globe Theatre

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What’s On at The Globe?

Romeo & Juliet

Possibly the quintessential Shakespeare tragedy, the classic tale of feuding families and doomed star-crossed lovers is the Globe’s summer season headliner. We recommend booking seats now – this one is bound to be a sell-out. 14 April – 12 July. Standing tickets £5, seated from £15,

Twelfth Night

Mistaken identities, pining noblemen, love triangles and scheming servants – what’s not to love about one of Shakespeare’s best-known comedies? Separated by a shipwreck, twins Viola and Sebastian attempt to make their way in unfamiliar Illyria; posing as her brother, a cross-dressing Olivia takes a job at the household of the Duke of Orsino, and promptly falls in love with him. Hilarity and hijinks ensue. 15 May – 3 October. Standing tickets £5, seated from £15,

Globe Theatre

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Much Ado About Nothing

Arguably the start of the rom-com as we know, Much Ado About Nothing centres on the gossipy citizens of a Sicilian town after a war. Watching marriage-phobic Benedick and stubborn Beatrice obliviously snipe at each other amidst general intrigue and set-ups is prime entertainment – and, of course, there’s a happy ending for all involved. 19 June – 4 October. Standing tickets £5, seated from £15,

Women Beware Women

A bloody, lust-fuelled Jacobean tragedy by 17th century playwright Thomas Middleton, Women Beware Women is an enduringly prescient play of gender power relations in a man’s world. As the name suggests, it’s anything but a girl-power story: the titular women lie to each other as well as their partners, manoeuvring in a society that commodifies and controls them. Warning: the graphic content of the play does not make for easy watching. 14 March – 18 April. Standing tickets £10, seated £20,

Globe 4 Globe: Shakespeare & Climate Emergency

Experts, activists and thespians will gather at the Globe Theatre for this two-day event, exploring the relationship between Shakespeare and the current climate crisis. From Twelfth Night to The Tempest, nature often plays a decisive role in Shakespeare’s works, and the weekend’s programme of fascinating talks will use the plays to address the pressing environmental concerns of our time. 1 – 2 May. Tickets £25,

The Globe Theatre

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Globe Theatre Guided Tour

Whether you’re a Shakespeare enthusiast, or simply love immersing yourself in a bit of British literary history, head to the South Bank for a guided tour of the Globe. Escorted by an expert, you’ll learn about the theatre’s 16th Century beginnings – from the Elizabethan construction to the costumes, accompaniment and makeup – and how it was masterfully replicated in the 1990s. Standard tickets cost £17 for a 40 minute tour. Book via

The Taming of the Shrew

One of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies, The Taming of the Shrew returns to The Globe this February, where the enthralling quest to find husbands for Katharina and Bianca, daughters of the wealthy Lord Baptista Minola in Padua, begins. Expect live music, raucous laughter and one-of-a-kind settings in the Jacobean-style Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. 1 Feb – 18 April,

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