What Is The Fortune Hotel? & When Is It On TV?

By Olivia Emily

4 days ago

It’s a mash-up between The Traitors, The White Lotus, and Deal or No Deal…

There’s a new competition series that has everyone talking, with fans describing it as The Traitors but set in the sun-soaked Caribbean instead of a Scottish castle. Presented by Stephen Mangan bedecked in Hawaiian shirts, here’s exactly what The Fortune Hotel is all about, plus when it’ll be on TV.

The Fortune Hotel, ITV

The contestants in The Fortune Hotel

The contestants. © ITV

What Is The Fortune Hotel About?

The Fortune Hotel whisks 10 pairs of contestants to a hotel in the Caribbean, where each is presented with a suitcase. Eight are empty, but inside one is the ultimate jackpot of £250,000 in cash – and in another is a dreaded Early Checkout Card.

Every day, the contestants take part in challenges and have the chance to uncover ‘whogotit’, while viewers remain in the know the entire time. At the end of each episode, players partake in a case swap at the Lady Luck Bar, where everyone must decide whether to keep or swap their case. Whichever pair is left with the Early Checkout Card will be sent home, while whoever has the bountiful briefcase of cash must attempt to bluff and blag their way free of suspicion.

‘We’ve got people of all ages, from all parts of the country, from all different backgrounds,’ says presenter Stephen Mangan. ‘Some of them got on like a house on fire and some wanted to set each other’s houses on fire. If you put 20 people at random together, regardless of how luxurious the resort is, some are going to get on and some aren’t. People trying to cover up the fact they didn’t like each other was almost funnier and more dramatic than people being openly hostile to one another. We’ve all been on holiday and found we’ve met someone that gets up our nose or found friends that we want to be mates with forever and this is no different.’

Is It A Real Hotel?

The Fortune Hotel was filmed at a real resort in the Caribbean called Silversands Grenada at Grand Anse. Read all about it here.


Who Are The Contestants?

The 10 pairs of contestants are as follows:

  1. Best friends Jae (30, singer-songwriter) and Cherish (30, artist)
  2. Married couple Claire (43, commercial director) and Daniel (43, barrister)
  3. Partners Gary (60) and Lesley (55)
  4. Best friends Jen (44, executive assistant) and Susan (39, investigator)
  5. Best friends Scott (19, bartender) and Tommy (19, hairstylist apprentice)
  6. Mother and daughter Tracey (51, skincare consultant) and Abbie (18, student)
  7. Business partners Chloe (38, aesthetics practitioner) and Louie (22, skincare specialist)
  8. Married couple Ayesha (30, content creator) and Samm (30, construction worker)
  9. Mother and son Jo-Anne (55, technical instructor) and Will (20, digital marketing executive)
  10. Best friends Adam (37, bricklayer) and Mike (35, landscaper)
Stephen Mangan with a telephone

Stephen Mangan. © ITV

Release Schedule

Episodes of The Fortune Hotel air Monday-Thursday at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player from 13 May. With eight hour-long episodes in the series, they will air as follows:

  1. Monday 13 May
  2. Tuesday 14 May
  3. Wednesday 15 May
  4. Thursday 16 May
  5. Monday 20 May
  6. Tuesday 21 May
  7. Wednesday 22 May
  8. Thursday 23 May – finale

Where Is It Streaming?

Episodes of The Fortune Hotel are streaming on ITVX after they have aired. itv.com