Six New Series Of The Traitors Are Reportedly On The Way
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Six New Series Of The Traitors Are Reportedly On The Way

Plus everything you need to know about The Traitors series 3

Excited for The Traitors series 3? Well, lucky for us, the fun won’t stop at the third instalment – we could be getting new series of the hit game show all the way up to 2030. Here’s everything you need to know.

We Might Be Getting Six New Series Of The Traitors

Having well and truly secured its cult status back in 2022, The Traitors has since become one of the biggest reality shows to come from the BBC in recent years. So, what’s next for the show? Apparently, another six instalments.

It was reported over Easter weekend that the BBC has booked up Ardross Castle, the home of The Traitors, until 2030 – meaning we have at least six more years of Traitors content to come.

Both UK and US versions of the show are filmed at the now-famous Scottish castle – and with plans for expansion of both series, plus potential new strands (a British celebrity version of the show is allegedly on the way, following the successful integration of celebrities and reality stars in the US version), the BBC has no choice but to book ahead.

It’s thought this was done largely to avoid having to find a new location if the castle was already booked, as a TV insider told The Sun: ‘The ultimate nightmare would be if the producers tried to return to Ardross Castle after the Beeb commissioned more series only to find it was unavailable.

‘That’s a very real prospect as the Highlands pile is in huge demand for weddings, which have swelled in numbers since The Traitors became so popular. Without taking this bold measure, it was at risk of becoming a victim of its own success.’

So it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more Ardross Castle – and The Traitors – in the future.

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors

(c) BBC/Studio Lambert/LLARA PLAZA

Will There Be A Third Series Of The Traitors?

With the above in mind, yes, there will be a series 3 of The Traitors. The BBC confirmed the news way back before series 2 even kicked off – in November 2023 – with the channel’s Head of Entertainment, Kalpna Patel-Knight, quipping: ‘The BBC will always remain faithful to The Traitors.’

When Will Series 3 Of The Traitors Air?

No confirmed date just yet, but we anticipate series 3 of The Traitors will air in January 2025 to mirror 2024’s schedule. If the schedule is exactly the same, The Traitors series 3 will kick off on Wednesday 1 January 2025 – but New Year’s Day celebrations might push it back to 8 January.

In case you didn’t notice, The Traitors was delayed on the BBC One schedule in 2024, being pushed back from December (when series 1 aired in 2022) to January. This is because the BBC wanted all eyes on its latest reality competition series, Survivor, which aired in December in The Traitors‘ place. With a second series of Survivor confirmed, we expect the same schedule next time around. Meanwhile, The Apprentice has also been impacted by this shuffle around, kicking off in February instead of its usual January to make space for The Traitors.

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors

(c) BBC/Studio Lambert/LLARA PLAZA

What Happens In The Traitors?

A reality competition set in the Scottish Highlands, The Traitors rounds up a group of contestants who must work together to complete challenges and earn money for a prize pot.

However, hidden among the group are ‘Traitors’ who have been secretly selected by the host. The Traitors’ goal is to ‘murder’ the other contestants, known as the ‘Faithful’, without getting caught. The Faithful contestants, meanwhile, must try to detect and ‘banish’ the Traitors through daily group discussions and votes, before the Traitors can eliminate them all.

If the Faithful manage to eliminate all the Traitors, they will split the prize money. But if a Traitor remains undetected until the end, they will win the entire prize pot for themselves.

Who Hosts The Show?

We expect countrycore queen Claudia Winkleman to make a return in series 3 as the show’s impeccably-dressed host.

Where Is The Traitors Filmed?

The first series of The Traitors was filmed at Ardross Castle in the Scottish highlands back in May 2022 – and the show returned to the same location for series 2. You can find out more about where the BBC show was filmed with our guide here.

The cast of The Traitors at the nightly roundtable

(c) BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Llara Plaza

How To Apply

Unfortunately, applications for series 3 of The Traitors closed on 17 March 2024 – but with a further five instalments on the way, there will be plenty more opportunities to grab a seat at the Round Table. You can keep an eye out for updates on applications here.

How To Watch

Following the trend set by the last instalment, we expect that series 3 of The Traitors will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer sometime in early 2025.

Where Is The Traitors Streaming?

You can find all episodes of series 1 and 2 of The Traitors on BBC iPlayer.

All caught up? The Traitors US and The Traitors Australia are also available to stream on BBC iPlayer, with a New Zealand version coming soon, too.

Featured image: (c) BBC/Studio Lambert/LLARA PLAZA