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The Rurbanist: Q&A with Ruby Hammer

An interview with Ruby Hammer, our February Rurbanist...

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Ruby Hammer on snorkelling, crosswords and the importance of great brows…

Ruby Hammer

Where’s home for you?

London, Maida Vale.

Where do you go to lose yourself?

Anywhere where I can focus on something else, whether that’s watching a film, meditating or having a treatment.

Daily ritual?

Without fail I look after my skin. I cleanse and hydrate twice a day. I don’t always wear make-up but I always brush up my brows – I love using my magnetic brush to do this.

Secret place for a good night out?

Wherever DJ Sultan (my husband’s alter ego) puts on his headphones I tend to have the best nights. It’s always impromptu but creates a great atmosphere.

Best thing a cabbie has ever said to you?

I love it when I get a Cockney cabbie and they assume I’m a Londoner. It brings a real smile to my face.

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What never fails to bring a smile to your face?

Whenever I think of loved ones or look out to sea. At the moment I think about my new products. I’ve always worked for other people, and now I’m pleasing myself and choosing items that spark joy for me.

What item in your wardrobe do you wear the most?

Jeans. My favourites are AG Jeans or J Brand.

J Brand jeans

Last book you read?

At the moment I am reading Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking. It’s the most simple and profound book, and I’ve already earmarked it to give to friends.

Most valuable piece of advice you have received?

Trust yourself. Your own gut instinct knows what your head hasn’t figured out. When people tell you to do something that doesn’t feel 100 per cent right, you need to be able to trust your instinct.

What brings out the worst in you?

Uber drivers, and when someone doesn’t listen to you.

What was the last song you listened to that made you dance?

A remix of Jingo by Candido. I can’t help but dance the minute I hear it.

What’s your favourite game to play and why?

I don’t tend to play games but I love crosswords as it’s time for myself.

What are Saturday afternoons made for?

Catching up. I get on top of all the chores from the week, like restocking my cupboards and cleaning my make-up brushes. It helps me function during the week.

What would really improve your life?

A bit more sunshine. Though I would really love a personal chef who could work out a menu and cook for me five days a week. I’d never have to consider the nutritional value, I would just know it was healthy and delicious.

Indian curry

Signature dish and who are you cooking it for?

I love really good Indian food, especially anything that my late mum made. I would cook for my husband, though he would tell you I’m most likely to make him apple slices with peanut butter.

Where was the last place you ‘discovered’?

Cocoa Island in the Maldives. It’s so small, it only takes seven minutes to walk the whole way around. I love the ocean, and jumping off the house reef – the snorkelling is breathtaking.

Cocoa Island Maldives

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