You Can Exchange Litter For Cocktails At This Brighton Pop-Up
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You Can Exchange Litter For Cocktails At This Brighton Pop-Up

This beach clean is rewarding participants with rum cocktails

Of course we should all be doing our bit to help the planet – but a little incentive doesn’t hurt from time to time. And what better incentive than a round of cocktails? That’s what’s being offered at a new pop-up beach bar in Brighton, helmed by The Kraken Rum.

Kraken Rum Beach Clean: Exchange Rubbish For Cocktails At This Brighton Pop-Up

For one day only, the drinks brand will be appearing on the seafront to reward people participating in a beach clean with tipples. The pop-up is running in partnership with marine conservation charity PADI AWARE Foundation, who has organised a two-hour clean of Brighton Beach on Saturday 29 July. Afterwards, all those who have taken part will be able to exchange a bag of litter for a round of Kraken Rum cocktails.

Brighton Beach with deck chairs and Brighton Palace Pier, Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK

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The cleaning extravaganza will kick off at 12pm, with participants provided with special Kraken bin bags, litter pickers and safety equipment. Alongside this, divers will be taking things one step further, actually going into the sea and rescuing rubbish from underwater.

Beach cleans play an important role in saving our oceans. Debris in the sea is dangerous for marine wildlife, so removing it is a critical way to protect them. Cleaning beaches also helps preserve the beauty of our natural landscapes, and removes toxic chemicals from the water – for instance, from cigarette butts, which are a huge factor in marine pollution. Picking up 10 cigarette butts from the ground saves nearly 800 litres of water from contamination.

Rubbish on a beach

Cleaner waters will also benefit human health, as plastic particles inside seafood can end up in our bodies. And, ultimately, beach cleans are a way to connect with the natural world. Plus, there will be cocktails waiting for you at the end. What’s not to love?

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