Milly Kenny Ryder Shares Her Favourite Bakeries

By Felicity Carter

1 month ago

Britain's Best Bakeries is out this May

Food and travel writer, and co-founder of Weekend Journals, Milly Kenny Ryder has launched a book dedicated to all things baked, buttery and delicious: Britain’s Best Bakeries. Published by the indie publisher Hoxton Mini Press, the book covers 62 of the best bakeries found across England, Scotland and Wales, and calls to all those who love cinnamon buns, crusty sourdough, and plaits of challah. Be warned, this book will make you hungry…

Milly Kenny Ryder On Her New Book, Britain’s Best Bakeries

How long has the book been in the making?

It’s been a passion project in my mind for years, but I only approached Hoxton Mini Press at the end of summer 2023. I am a restless/productive person so wanted to get going straight away, and felt it was important to photograph everywhere within the same season, so the light looked consistent throughout the book.

What can we expect inside?

There are 62 bakeries across Britain, from Bandit Bakery in Aberdeen, Scotland to Gorse Bakery just outside Newquay in Cornwall. Particularly highlighting the best bread and viennoiserie (pastries using a laminated dough), but also highlighting some unique specials.

Britain's Best Bakeries
How did you go about sourcing your bakeries?

I spent a lot of my time visiting bakeries and talking to the bakers, so knew most of the places I wanted to feature before even starting on the project. I also regularly chat to fellow bakery enthusiasts and chefs (often in early morning bakery queues) who were always keen to recommend their favourites.

What are your go-to’s and highlights?

My go-to order is a pain au chocolat, simple enough for a weekday breakfast but sweet and buttery enough to feel like a treat. Rye by the Water and Cut the Mustard currently do my favourite PAC. Other than that, I loved trying the mini custard tarts at Farro in Bristol, savoury masterpieces at Kaf coffee in Glasgow, a perfect seasonal Danish from Companio in Manchester, and the super creative sell-out sandwiches from Chatsworth Bakehouse.

Two bakers in a bakery
What are your London recommendations?

If you are in central London, Arôme is reliably wonderful (and they now have two branches), get the honey toast. For West Londoners, Layla in Notting Hill, Eric’s and Toad in South, Kossoffs and Tarn in North London and Forno and Dusty Knuckle in East London.

Which newcomers are you particularly excited about?

Lannan in Edinburgh is pretty special, with immaculate bakes and a beautifully designed space. I also love Quince in London, the long-awaited bakery from Anna Higham. The bakery boom continues, and some bakeries have opened (in the last month) since I finished the book that I’m excited about too, for example, Mabel in Norfolk, the small team here makes a killer almond croissant.

Britain's Best Bakeries
What future projects do you have on the horizon?

My own publishing company, Weekend Journals, is thinking about our next project, perhaps a 4th edition of our Cornwall book, and I have lots of lovely photography projects coming up documenting incredible food, restaurants and hotels. I am a Tastehunter for World’s 50 Best Restaurants and would love to do a book writing about Britain’s best fine dining experiences.

Britain’s Best Bakeries, written and photographed by Milly Kenny-Ryder, will be published on 2 May 2024 and is available to pre-order, priced at £22.95.