How To Make Swamp Soup, TikTok’s Latest Food Trend

By Martha Davies

6 months ago

It’s soup season

With winter well and truly upon us, there’s no better way to battle the cold, dark evenings than with a hearty bowl of soup. As usual, plenty of chefs and food bloggers have been sharing recipe ideas on TikTok – and one that’s received particular attention is swamp soup. Here’s how to make it.

How To Make Swamp Soup, TikTok’s Latest Food Trend

Bowl of green soup with broccoli florets and croutons


It’s officially soup season, but if you’re sick of the humble tomato variety – or if you’re actually sick and need a pick-me-up – swamp soup might just be what you’re after. Though it might sound like something favoured by Shrek, it’s actually a blend of green garlic, ginger, chicken broth and rice.

The swamp soup trend began with a video by content creator and private chef Meredith Hayden. As she blended up garlic, ginger and herbs with leftover chicken and rice, Hayden declared that the soup is like a ‘flu shot’ in a bowl, with health benefits and nourishing flavours that rival those of classic dishes like chicken noodle soup. 

Swamp soup gets its vibrant green colour from veggies including spinach and spring onions, and it’s thickened using rice and chicken. Want to know how to make it? Read on.

Swamp Soup Recipe

In her original video, Hayden uses leftover chicken bones to make a broth, wilts spinach in the broth, then removes the spinach and adds in cooked rice until the broth thickens. The broth is finished off with meat from the chicken, while the wilted spinach is blended up with raw ginger, raw garlic, jalapeños and parsley. Finally, the vegetable puree is combined with the broth to create a fragrant, creamy soup. 

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