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6 months ago

GROUNDTRUTH is a Great British Brand 2024

GROUNDTRUTH is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book.

GROUNDTRUTH: Great British Brand 2024

GROUNDTRUTH evolved over a decade of creating hard-hitting documentary films, grounded in investigative journalism and relationship building, while capturing stories from some of the world’s most challenging environments. Working as filmmakers, my sisters and I witnessed first hand the plastic pollution crisis in the most remote locations on Earth. With our shared deep-rooted drive to create meaningful change, we founded GROUNDTRUTH in 2017 and set out to tackle one of the most polluting and unethical industries in the world – while creating design-led, resilient products, built to thrive from the great outdoors to the boardrooms of New York.

My sisters and I share a lifetime of travel experience, which laid the foundation of a design philosophy built for the modern day explorer. Our high performance product range is designed to stand the test of time, and built from our bespoke 100 percent recycled textiles, made from GRS certified post-consumer waste.

Utilising our experience as investigative filmmakers, we have spent over four years building a unique supply chain ecosystem of partners, who share our ethos to create our ethical and sustainable materials and manufacturing. The human-to-human relationship is pivotal, it’s built into everything that we do across our supply chain.

At the heart of GROUNDTRUTH is the belief that through partnerships and team work, we can make a stronger and more positive impact on communities and our planet. Our patent-pending captured CO2 emissions hardware, the GT-OCO-CO2®, propels GROUNDTRUTH to the forefront of green innovation and unlocks the door into the new and emerging world of carbon capture.

Our unconventional origins have formed the foundation of a way of doing business that is naturally open, transparent and places people and planet central to our purpose. GROUNDTRUTH hopes to evolve the industry while creating long lasting impact from within.

Georgia Scott, co-founder and CEO

GROUNDTRUTH is a Great British Brand 2024

Five Proudest Moments

  1. Field-testing our products in Antarctica in 2019 with renowned polar explorer Robert Swan OBE, the first man to walk to both North and South Poles.
  2. Launching at London Fashion Week in 2019 within the Positive Fashion exhibition alongside other purpose-led design businesses.
  3. Our first range, RIKR, won the Dezeen Award for Best Design by the public vote in the wearable design category, as well as winning Gold at the Good Design Awards 2020.
  4. Developing our patent-pending GT-OCO-CO2® hardware, a first-of-its-kind formula where we embed captured CO2 emissions with recycled polypropylene, exhibiting the direct utilisation of captured CO2 emissions within end products.
  5. Launching in September 2023 in the iconic London department store Harrods, positioning GROUNDTRUTH at the forefront of accessory design.

What I’ve Learnt…

  •  Building a start-up business is a mountainous task and takes resilience, perseverance, hard work and at times what feels like madness.
  • I have learnt never to underestimate the power of instinct. Trust your gut.
  • I only really have three rules that I live by and ask of others; be kind, be respectful and work hard.


+44 (0)7810 368089

Available on the lower ground floor luggage department at Harrods