These Are The Most Common Features In £1M Homes
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These Are The Most Common Features In £1M Homes

What makes a million pound home?

While we may not all be fortunate enough to live in a million pound house, that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own homes look the part. To help us out, windows and doors specialists Genesis Collection have analysed property data from across the UK and revealed the top seven features that come with a million pound price tag…

The good news? Lot’s of these features are available, affordable, and don’t mean remodelling your whole house. Read on to find out what the UK’s million pound properties have in common – and how to get them.

The Top Features That the UK’s Million Pound Homes All Have in Common

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1. Floor to Ceiling Glass Doors

Most expensive properties have lush landscaped gardens or (at the very least) panoramic skyline views. So it makes sense that the most common feature of million pound houses are a set of doors to frame the vista. Be they sliding, bifold, French or frosted, nothing says indoor-outdoor living like a set of floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

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Catchpole & Rye

2. Freestanding Bathtub

From Victorian tiles to ultramodern marble to steamy mood lighting, million-pound bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. But one feature stood out throughout – the freestanding bathtub. Guaranteed to make you feel pampered and relaxed, it’s no wonder that this most luxurious of bathroom accessories is favoured by wealthy homeowners. Our favourite tubs? You can find them all here.

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3. Kitchen Islands

It’s no surprise that the rich and famous love a private island – even if it’s just in their kitchen. Whether they’re fitted with ovens and stoves to create more cooking space, surrounded by stools like a kind of at-home bar, or simply used for storage, kitchen islands are a stalwart of million pound homes. For more on designing the kitchen space of dreams, check out these tips from Life Kitchens. 

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Modus Fireplace

4. Fireplace

Since the dawn of man fire has been a symbol of power and strength. Since fireplaces were found in almost every million pound home surveyed, we can only assume that not much has changed. Aside from being a source of warmth and life, fireplaces are also a wonderful centre piece that compliment a huge array of interior styles. Whether they’re corniced, marble, rustic or chic, nothing creates a cosy ambience like a good old roaring fire. We’ve rounded up our favourites here to help you get toasty.

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5. Open Plan Space

When it comes to layout, most million pound houses have been designed with an open mind. There’s a distinct lack of dividing walls as kitchens flow into dining rooms which continue onto living spaces, and often even out onto the patio through glass doors. Because it makes spaces appear bigger and maximises natural light, it’s little wonder that this design technique is so common in million pound houses, which are all about looking as luxurious and stylish as possible.

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6. Have a Decorating Style

From classical to regal to minimalist to chic, the decorative style in million pound houses differed massively. That said, one thing they did all have in common was a clear decorative style – so whether you’re in the bathroom or the bedroom, you can tell from colour palettes and aesthetic finishes that you’re in the same home. This is standard practice within luxury properties (you can see the same technique used in high-end hotels) with consistency leading to an overall sense that the space is finished to a high calibre. So pick a style – and stick to it.

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Woodchip & Magnolia x Pearl Lowe Cameo Celeste Natural wallpaper

7. Bespoke Furnishings and Ornaments

As well as structural and design features, certain items of furniture or décor were common amongst million pound homes. The big hitters here were large mirrors, large clocks, feature wallpaper, contemporary artworks and – the ultimate harbinger of wealth – marble. Unlike structural changes or a new set of doors, these are relatively cheap and easy changes you can make to your own home to give it that million-pound smile. Here are some wallpaper ideas for every room and a guide to buying art for your home to get you started.

Photo: Woodchip & Magnolia x Pearl Lowe Cameo Celeste Natural wallpaper

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