Here’s Why Painting Your Bedroom Black Could Improve Your Sleep

By Olivia Emily

1 week ago

Black is a top trending paint colour right now – here’s why

Thinking of refreshing your bedroom with a lick of paint? Some of the most common colours include white, blue, pink and even, recently, yellow. But would you paint your bedroom black? According to experts at Swift Direct Blinds, more and more people are doing just that, with the mysterious shade topping the list of search trends. Here’s why black is not only a practical colour, but could have mental health benefits, too.

Should I Paint My Bedroom Black?

‘Black paint isn’t always the obvious choice of paint. But here’s the thing: black has a grounding effect that can enhance feelings of security and even improve sleep quality,’ says Kate Duckworth, interior and trends expert at Swift Direct Blinds. ‘It’s ideal for crafting that tranquil, cool sleep environment we all crave. Moreover, in bedrooms, black paint has a surprising ability to create an illusion of spaciousness. By absorbing light rather than reflecting it like lighter colours, black minimises visual clutter and blurs boundaries, making the space feel bigger.’

The team at Swift Direct Blinds analysed global search data over the past 12 months to reveal the most popular and top trending colours for each room of the house – and black topped the list for bedrooms, followed by pink, blue and white. Black bedrooms exude mystery and confidence – but they also hide imperfections, making for a clean and polished look. Black is also a great base to let vibrant pops of colour really stand out.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, another notable mention is sunshine yellow, with a 280 percent search increase year on year. This is undoubtedly the happiest colour you can decorate your bedroom in. And, while it may not produce the same cocooning feeling to ease you into sleep as black does, paired with natural light streaming in through the windows, it’s the perfect colour to boost your morning and prepare you for the day ahead.

A Black bathroom

What About Black Bathrooms?

Black also topped Swift Direct Blinds’ bathrooms list. Why? ‘In bathrooms, black effortlessly complements various materials, from luxurious marble to rustic wood, it adapts and enhances most aesthetics, making it very popular,’ says Kate. ‘And let’s not forget about practicality: bathrooms, often confined spaces, can benefit from black paint’s ability to visually expand the room. With the right lighting and strategic mirror placement, you will swear the space has doubled in size.’

‘There is also an element of drama,’ Kate adds. ‘Whether in a bedroom or bathroom, black paint makes a statement. It radiates confidence and style, turning an ordinary room into something stylish. So, if you are looking to add a touch of drama and sophistication to your home, painting your bathroom or bedroom black might just be the perfect choice for you.’

White, pink and blue follow black as the top colours, with Barbie pink a breakout trend, with a 300 percent increase in searches year-on-year, undoubtedly thanks to Greta Gerwig’s extremely popular movie. A vibrant and exciting shade, Barbie pink pairs very well with white, the more classic bathroom colour – so it’s the perfect colour pop.