We’re Loving The Revival Of This Regency Interiors Trend

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

The interiors trend everyone CAN get their hands on

Looking for a way to jazz up your doorways? Aside from a lick of paint and new doorknobs, there’s one more thing that you can tap into: finger plates. Here’s everything you need to know about this regency design staple – and where to shop them online.

What Are Finger Plates?

While you might not recognise the name, you definitely will have seen them; finger plates (also known as door plates or push plates) are the long, protective plates that are typically fixed to doors just above the handle. Their original use was to prevent unwanted marks made by fingers pushing or pulling the door open using the surface of the door itself.

They first appeared in the 1800s – and, as mentioned, served a functional purpose, usually in the entrance halls and better rooms of homes. As such, many of them were also very decorative objects, featuring designs spanning from tasteful swirls and geometric patterns to vines and floral adornments.

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And while, over the years, they have fallen in and out of fashion, the 21st century promises a revival of the throwback trend. TikTok, forever in its DIY and home renovations era, has become something of a hub for door plates – with 199 million views on posts dedicated to the topic under the search #whatarefingerplates, and creators showing how they can be incorporated into more modern home designs.

Do You Put Them On Both Sides Of The Door?

While traditionally finger plates were only installed on the push side of a hinged door, it’s not an enforced rule. If you like them for the aesthetics, then there’s no reason not to put them on both sides of a door.

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What Materials Are They Made From?

While most are made from various metals, you will find some door plates fashioned from alternatives materials like wood or ceramics. Other materials include:

  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Wood (typically rosewood)
  • Glass
  • Plastic

Get Hands-On With These Finger Plates

Two metal oblongs with floral pattern

Featured image: Abdulvahap Demir, Pexels