Blue Delftware Tiles are Trending
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Blue Delftware Tiles are Trending

Is a Delftware revival on the cards?

Delftware, once the preserve of 16th Century Antwerp, is capturing our imagination again in 2022, but why?

Illustrative Blue Delftware Tiles are Trending

What is Delftware?

First off: what precisely is ‘delftware’? You’ll immediately recognise the style of it’s painterly illustrative blue painted design on a white background. It originates way back when in 17th Century, in the city of Delft.

The design was an imitation of Chinese porcelain at the time, and this quintessential ‘delftware blue’ would be flexed in elite Dutch homes as a status symbol. Over the years, the design fell out of fashion, where only remains in operation today (since 1653), is de Koninklijike Porceleyne Fles.

But it seems that the blue delftware is back for this season. Petra Palumbo has recently dropped a delftware collection, which stretches beyond just the typical bathroom statement, or kitchen splashback, where her designs merge with tongue n cheek contemporary symbols (you’ll spot a zodiac, or a disco ball) that can be used as a small piece of art.

There’s a flurry of other designers twisting delftware to meet 2022. Plain English, Decorum Tiles, Ca’ Pietra, as well as artist Maude Smith are amongst those taking to the trend. We’re also seeing the love of delftware span beyond tiles, and into tulipieres this year too. So keep your eyes peeled out for more.

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a hand painted sun on a delftware tile by Petra Palumbo

Petra Palumbo

Petra Palumbo’s latest delftware collection, is entirely made in the UK. There’s everything from jaunty tiles to make a delightful addition to a kitchen splashback, as there are drinks trays, cheese boards, and double trivets.

Palumbo loves the fact delftware tiles always tell a story, so she imbues her work with own memories, stories, and nostalgia.


hand painted sea creatures in blue paint on a delftware tile by Plain English

Plain English

These hand made, hand painted tiles, are inspired by the original practical function of delftware, as by it’s depiction of everyday life. Where you’d find a mythological story shoulder a bawdy one. We have a particular penchant for this sea creature mythological tile that might suit a bathroom.

Maude Made hand illustrated tiles in the delftware tradition

Maude Smith

Creative polymath (she’s an embroider, painter, and stylist) has recently turned her hand on delftware tiles, that’s been picking up hype on IG.

Inspired by folk, medieval, and of course, 16th Century delftware, her work focuses on flora and fauna.

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Regts Delft Tiles

If you’re wanting to get historically accurate with the trend, pay an online visit to Regts Delft Tiles, that feature original delftware tiles, that’ll delight any home.

Featuring scenes of everyday Dutch life in 17th Century, to mythological stories, to collectables, this is the place to find your delft historical gem.


Main Image: Courtesy of Plain English