The Most Beautiful Canopy Beds for your Bedroom
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The Most Beautiful Canopy Beds for your Bedroom

Rest your regal head

Canopy beds are the ultimate historical flex for any bedroom. We’ve rounded up the finest you can buy.

What Is A Canopy Bed?

A canopy bed, unsurprisingly, is a bed with a canopy, often hung with curtains. So where do they come from? Despite its regal reputation, you may be surprised to find out that the canopy bed was first borne out of practical necessity. Canopy beds were used to create privacy to sleep, as most noble European families would sleep in a great hall rather than their own bedroom. So it was almost like the canopy bed became its own micro-bedroom. There was also the problem of heating: it’s fair to say that most European Medieval homes were cold and drafty, so the canopy added an essential layer of warmth.

Fast forward to today, and canopy beds err far more on the side of an aesthetic statement than any practical necessity. For our edit, we’re looking to Max Rollit and Alexandra Tolstoy for majestic antique canopy beds, and Soho Home and Pinch for a contemporary luxe take, and we’re following designer Duncan Campbell @duncancampbell for all the interior inspiration.

The Most Beautiful Canopy Beds for your Bedroom

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Pearl Lowe Velvet Blue Canopy Bed

Pearl Lowe x Coco & Wolf Limited Edition Bed Canopies, soon to be available to pre-order,

Max Rollit Canopy Beds

Campaign Bed, £16,500, Max Rollit,

Loretta Bed Soho Home

Loretta Bed, £955, Soho Home,

Christo four-poster bed, Pinch

Christo four-poster bed, £11, 250, Pinch,

Antique Georgian Canopy Bed

A Georgian Bed of Grand Proportions, circa 1805, £24,000, Max Rollit, 

Louis XVI Bed with Canopy

Louis XVI Bed with Canopy, £14,700, Paolo Moschino,


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