Why You Should Invest In A Luxury Mattress

By Olivia Emily

2 years ago

And more specifically, a mattress from Emma – The Sleep Company

There’s nothing quite like a great night’s sleep – and there’s nothing quite as frustrating as tossing and turning all night long on a mattress that’s no longer fit for purpose. It can feel extortionate to invest a lot of money into something as simple as a mattress – so why is it so important? We’ve teamed up with Emma – The Sleep Company to break down all the reasons to invest in a luxury mattress.

Why You Should Invest In A Luxury Mattress

emma premium mattress

Utilising smart technology and world-class engineering, Emma – The Sleep Company is a well-known front-runner in the sleep market, with an industry-leading in-house sleep lab to boot. Since launching in 2013, Emma has built a solid reputation for its best-on-test products, winning more than 40 awards worldwide, including the Which Best Buy four years in a row. 

But why are Emma’s luxury mattresses worth investing in? The foam and spring hybrid Emma Premium mattress consists of six layers, which work together to produce the best night’s sleep.


Because we sleep on them every night, mattresses can harbour all sorts of dirt, from dead skin to dust mites and other debris. It’s therefore important to keep your mattress clean – the Sleep Foundation recommends cleaning your mattress every six months – and the Emma Premium mattress makes this process simple. The first layer in the Emma Premium mattress is the moisture wicking and practical Emma UltraDry™ breathable cover, which is easy to remove and wash.

A cool night’s sleep

One of life’s great pleasures is flipping the pillow to the cold side after tossing and turning in a too-warm bed – but what if you didn’t have to overheat at all? The next layer of the Emma Premium mattress is the velvety soft, temperature regulating Point Elastic Airgocell®, which creates airflow and prevents rising temperatures from disturbing your sleep.

emma premium mattress

A mattress tailored to you

Some like their mattresses firm, some like them bouncy and soft – regardless, it is important that your mattress is tailored to you, and investing in a luxury mattress is a sure-fire way to make this happen. The next layer of the Emma Premium mattress is Halo Memory Foam™, which is tailored to the sleeper and adapts to their body shape for targeted spinal alignment, ultimate pressure relief and body-hugging comfort.

Supportive and adaptive technology

Waking up from a night’s sleep with a crick in your neck and pain in your back is less than ideal, and there is a growing emphasis on the importance of sleep posture for spine health. Another layer of Airgocell® with enhanced shoulder and hip support in the Emma Premium mattress works with the previous Halo Memory Foam™ layer and the next 5 Zone CarbonFlex™ layer to support your sleeping body.

The 5 Zone CarbonFlex™ layer is filled with hundreds of ergonomic coil springs which dynamically adapt to your body as you change sleeping positions throughout the night, ensuring maximum spinal alignment and preventing any morning stiffness.

emma premium mattress


Investing in a luxury mattress means you are investing in quality and durability. The Sleep Foundation recommends changing your mattress every six to eight years, but this can vary based on a number of factors, including an increase in allergies, the mattress negatively affecting your sleep, and the durability of the mattress itself. If your mattress is noticeably saggy and damaged or is making more noise than usual (due to noisy and potentially broken springs), it is time to invest in a luxury mattress.

The HRX Supreme™ Foam, which is the Emma Premium mattress’ final layer, is engineered to last, holding firm and preventing the mattress from sagging. With five adaptive cut-out zones, body weight is distributed, again focusing on reducing pressure on the body. The result? Enhanced stability and support where it’s needed most – and with a 10 year guarantee. 


The Emma Premium Mattress comes in eight sizes, from Single to Super King. Save 55 per cent on the Emma Premium Mattress when you shop direct. emma-sleep.co.uk