Illustrated Tiles: The Personalised Interiors Trend Taking Over Homes In 2024

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

Tired tiles? Not anymore

Tiling isn’t an uncommon practice in homes these days – but the big trend (up until now) has been minimalist, monochrome design. With 2024 well underway, we’re seeing a major shift in the interior design landscape. The latest big buzz? Illustrated tiles.

What Is The Illustrated Tile Trend?

The illustrated tile trend places more emphasis on decorative, hand-painted designs that add a more personal touch to your space. Unlike solid, glossy stones or geometric patterns, these tiles are more playful and feature illustrations of anything and everything – from vines, fruits and flowers to animals, boats and people. And rather than make up a much bigger pattern, each tile is its own miniature masterpiece.

It’s arguably a great way to inject some personality into a room, allowing for a more playful and creative approach to tiling that doesn’t rely solely on precision, but rather celebrates an artistic (and human) touch. ‘Illustrated tiles are a creative way to add colour, pattern and an element of the unexpected to a room,’ says the team at Decorum tiles Cornwall. ‘They tell a story in a way that few other interior design items or decorations can. There has been a huge increase in recent years of painting little scenes into tiles, rather than relying on plain or geometric tiles to decorate a room. It also means that the range of inspiration is virtually limitless – every artist has a story to tell and every homeowner brings their own set of ideas to a project.’

It’s not all cottagecore and chintz, either. As mentioned, the possibilities when it comes to hand-painted tile design are huge. Country lovers can cover the walls in cowboy hats and spurs, biophilia queens can paint their tiles with cacti and succulents, and astrology enthusiasts can get creative with constellations and star signs. In other words, think big.

How To Incorporate It Into Your Home

Spring Florals

Let your space live up to you cottagecore fantasies with the help of prettily painted floral accents. These illustrated tiles are the perfect spring refresh, with dainty tulips, daffodils, bluebells and lilies adding a touch of spring to any area of your home – although we especially like the idea of these tiles adorning a sideboard decorated with pots and jars filled with flowers. A true springtime reminder (and a mood-booster to get you through the colder months).


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Sink Feature

Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, the sink is often a hub of activity – but that doesn’t mean it should stay purely functional. A tile feature can give your sink space that extra pizzazz it needs to become a beautiful, yet utility-conscious, space.


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Maximalist WC

Those who aren’t afraid to make a big statement – or want to make sure that every possible space at home comes with considered design – can go big on this trend. Think floor-to-ceiling illustrated tile murals with bags of character, and plenty to look at. Perfect for all that time spent on the loo…

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