Western Gothic: The Hybrid Interiors Trend Taking Over 2024

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

Y'allternative decor has entered the chat

Craving a change at home? If you fancy making a (monochrome) splash, look no further – Western Gothic could be the interiors movement for you. Pull on your black ensemble, step into your cowboy boots and get ready; we’re rounding up the trend.

What Is The Western Gothic Interiors Trend?

‘Coined by Pinterest Predicts, the Western Gothic interiors trend combines vintage Americana chic with a dark and moody colour palette,’ explains British homeware label Rockett St George in its 2024 interiors trends report. ‘How to create an authentic, unique interior is a question we are often asked – and our answer is always the same: bring together old and new. As a fabulous example, this trend promotes breathing new life into timeless classics, from layering sheepskin rugs and finding a new home for a well-loved leather armchair to adding oversized bows to candle holders. With texture the secret to nailing the Wild West look, play around with pony prints, studded detailing and plenty of fabulous fringe. With a colour palette of black and gold as the backdrop to this trend, saloon style never looked so good.’

As Rockett St George highlights, the movement was forecasted to be one of the biggest trends of the year in the Pinterest Predicts 2024 report, which noted a continuous trend for search terms like ‘western bedding ideas’, ‘vintage americana’, ‘country room ideas’ and, of course, ‘western gothic’. Speaking on the trend, Pinterest said: ‘Meet Western goth: your soon-to-be décor obsession that will mix vintage Americana chic with deep, moody hues. Expect to see Gen Z and Boomers DIY in style with sultry touches, such as dark fringes and even darker paints. See you soon at the (gothic-inspired) saloon.’

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‘If there’s one trend that I’m going to hop on, it’s this one,’ says TikTok creator Grace Goodchild. ‘If you wanted to rock cowboy boots and hop on the country girl trend, but you thought it was too girly or flirty or a little too bright for your taste, allow me to introduce you to Western Gothic – or y’allternative… I want everyone to channel Stevie Nicks. We’re thinking whimsy, gothic, ethereal and a witchy vibe… lots of mirrors, lots of eclectic but gothic decor, mixing vintage and furs, all of that.’

So what does the trend bring to the table from a visual perspective? ‘Picture a mix of vintage americana with deep, moody colour palettes, edgy accessories and industrial elements and you have “western gothic” – a trend that has grown massively in popularity with a huge increase in searches in 2024,’ says Catharina Björkman, an interiors expert at Contura. ‘You can embrace the gothic element with a statement wall painted in a deep hue and couple with a faux cowhide, leather upholstery and wooden furniture to ensure you’re nailing the americana appeal of the trend.’

So it seems that, like the hybrid nature of its name, Western Gothic is very much a mish-mash of aesthetics that can be curated to an individual’s tastes. Although, amongst all the generations, Pinterest pointed out that Gen Z (who are arguably the craftiest and most rule-breaking when it comes to interior design) will be leading the trend. ‘This will be a big aesthetic among Gen Z because it’s very DIY-able,’ agrees TikTok user @dreamanddwell, who highlights in their video that this is a very creative interior design style that require a lot of trial and error.

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How To Get The Look

Wondering how you can get the look? We’ve compiled some of our favourite tidbits of advice on achieving the Western Gothic aesthetic below, to help you get started.

Moody Colours

Arguably the most important step when it comes to nailing the ‘gothic’ element of this interiors trend, make sure to opt for colours that are a bit darker than your typical ranch-inspired home. ‘Start with a moody colour palette,’ advises @dreamanddwell. ‘Colours like charcoal, black, burgundy, deep blues and rich greens are here to stay – there’s a lot of drama in these colours, but they also create a cosy, intimate atmosphere. You can also opt for matte finishes to enhance that mysterious allure.’

‘When choosing your colour palette for a western gothic room, use black as your main colour and then opt for some softer shades, such as greys, beiges, or bruised blues,’ adds Ruggable creative director Emily Simmons. ‘The softer dark shades will help create a moody atmosphere, lending well to the gothic theme.’

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Natural Textures

Combine this with more natural textures like wood, jute and rattan, as this will introduce more of countryside feel to the aesthetic. Emily tells us that some of these can even match the darker tones of your colour scheme, as ‘this will naturally tie together the gothic vibes and the western look.’

Sultry Touches

You can then lean more into more traditionally gothic additions, with a focus on materials like lace, velvet and faux furs. ‘Add sultry touches with dark fringe details on furniture, throw pillows or curtains, as these subtle elements can elevate the gothic vibe without overwhelming the space, explains @dreamanddwell. ‘Velvet and faux fur can add a luxurious feel while contributing to the overall cosy ambiance.’

They also recommend working more gothic touches into your choice of lighting – more specifically, candles. ‘Enhance the gothic atmosphere with an abundance of candles,’ they suggest. ‘Mix and match candle holders in different shapes and sizes to create a captivating visual display.’

Cowboy Finishes

And then back to the west. Here, we’re referring to your use of materials and fixtures that spring to mind when we think of the word ‘western’ – leathers, faux cow prints, fringing (bonus points again if it’s black), gold metals and maybe even a little bit of denim. ‘Think leather furniture, fringed curtains and faux cowhide printed furnishings like rugs and cushions to hint at the cowboy style and complete the perfect western gothic interior look,’ adds Emily.

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Bring The Outside In

Biophilic interiors tie in neatly with this trend, especially in the case of western-themed plants like succulents and cacti which can make it feel like you’re bringing the desert indoors. ‘These low-maintenance plants not only fit the theme but also add a touch of greenery to balance the dark hues,’ highlights @dreamanddwell.

Mix & Match

And finally, feel free to get a little messy by blending lots of different things together – this is a hybrid aesthetic after all, so it might not match up to your idea of ‘seamless juxtaposition’ the first time around. ‘Don’t be afraid to mix different eras and styles,’ adds @dreamanddwell. ‘Blend rustic, weathered furniture with modern accents to create a unique and eclectic atmosphere.

‘Embrace the duality of Western Gothic with a combination of leather and lace,’ they add. ‘Introduce distressed leather furniture and vintage lace textiles for a perfect blend of rugged and romantic. Infuse the spirit of a gothic saloon with wrought iron, aged wood, and vintage signage. Designate a cozy corner with a leather barstool and a dark wooden bar for a touch of Western watering hole charm. Use dark accent walls as a canvas for showcasing art. Whether it’s Western-inspired paintings, vintage photographs, or your own DIY creations, let your walls tell a story.’

Interiors Inspiration: Western Gothic


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