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Why You Should Invest in Mahogany Furniture for 2017

Out of favour for years, but mahogany furniture is back in style and now is the time to invest

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Mahogany furniture is back in vogue for 2017, so if you’re thinking about updating your home this season, read the Country & Town House guide to investing in mahogany.

Mahogany Furniture - How To Buy & Sell

We know what you’re thinking, ‘New Year, new you’, ‘out with the old…’ Stop right there. It’s in with the old if you want to tap in to 2017’s trend for mahogany furniture.

“Exceptionally high prices towards the end of the late twentieth century, combined with limited availability and the fashion for the stark minimalist look, all contributed to make mahogany furniture less favourable,” Henry House, Head of Furniture and Decorative Arts at Sotheby’s London told us.

“However, there has been a move away from the stark minimalist look, into that of a more furnished and comfortable environment; mahogany furniture is conducive to creating this.”

How to invest in mahogany furniture

Ready to buy? If you’re looking to buy a piece of furniture that will become more valuable (or at least retain value), follow this advice.

“Makers such as Gillows, who are synonymous, with good quality still attract good interest. Our clients are always searching for that one-off piece so It is worth looking for pieces with unusual features or for items that are unique, one of a kind,” says Celia Harvey, specialist in Furniture, Works of Art and Clocks at Christie’s South Kensington.

“Buy something that you enjoy and that you would like to live with. Because at the end of day, it is more likely to retain its value. Mahogany furniture may not necessarily be an incredible investment, but it will retain its value more than most modern furniture”, says Sotheby’s expert Henry House.

How to sell mahogany furniture

If you have a piece at home and this trend has convinced you it’s time to part with it, these tips might help you make the final decision.

“Currently, anything that is little bit unusual or of architectural nature, and furniture of a particularly masculine form, seems to be more desirable than the very pretty styles of the late eighteenth-century,” says Henry House. “Many examples of this style can be found in our forthcoming auction, Of Royal and Noble Descent, in London on 19th January.”

It might also be worth selling if you have a matching set. “Typically, pairs sell well, for example pairs of bedside commodes, pairs of chests etc. They are always good things to look out for,” says Celia Harvey.

“Condition is key in today’s market and buyers look for pieces of furniture with a good colour, nice timber and with no obvious damages or replacements.”

How to style mahogany furniture

If you’ve made the leap and splashed out on a piece of mahogany furniture that you love, but you’re unsure how to incorporate it into your home, think about mixing your new purchase with modern touches.

“I think the cleverest dealers and decorators mix good period mahogany with more modern paintings and contemporary soft furnishings, to create an established aesthetic that is very current,” says Henry House.

Read more about current interiors trends in the latest issue of Country & Town House.

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