What Kitchen Cabinets Are In Style For 2024?

By Amy Hunt

6 months ago

The kitchen cabinet styles predicted to dominate our cooking spaces across the next 12 months

Looking for inspiration for your kitchen cabinets? Whether you’re looking to update your cabinets alone, or you’re planning an entire gut renovation of your space, kitchen cabinetry is an essential consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked in favour of other design elements, such as splashbacks, tiling, or paint colours.

Cabinets, both upper and lower, surround almost every inch of the kitchen, which means they set the tone for the entire room – so it’s vital to get them right. To help you decide on the right kitchen cabinets for a beautifully stylish, yet utterly timeless space, these are the cabinet styles the experts predict will be hugely on trend in 2024; from colour choices to material options.

What is The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colour For 2024?

Natural colours, emulating the outside world, are fast becoming the most beloved kitchen ideas for our cabinets for 2024, with many designers explaining that greens, blues and natural woods are so far proving very popular with customers. It’s likely that the big shift towards more biophilic design – which refers to elements of the outside being brought to interior design – is likely a key part of this move towards nature-led kitchen cabinet colours.

Here, we dive deeper into the kitchen ideas for cabinets that are set to be seriously on trend for 2024. Read on for some kitchen cabinet doors inspiration…

Warm Wooden Cabinets

Kitchen with concrete floors, warm wooden cabinets and white countertops

Sola Kitchens

Wave goodbye to sterile whites and man-made materials in 2024 – as mentioned, warmer, natural colours and materials are set to be a kitchen cabinet go-to over the next 12 months. Many designers are predicting that soft, wood materials will become a must-have whether you’re in a city-centre pad with a modern kitchen, or a larger country home with a more traditional feel.

Rhiannon Phenis, Head of Design at Sola Kitchens, explains: ‘More and more homeowners are ditching the simple all-white kitchen cabinets for warm wood finishes, including walnut and white oak.

‘In fact, there is a noticeable transition from white kitchens to white or limed oak cabinetry, and the pushback from white has resulted in a drive toward warmer tones in the kitchen. Warm wood kitchens are instantly cosy, approachable and inviting.’

The fact that it is unlikely to date is a big reason why wood is becoming a popular kitchen cabinet trend, Alex Main, Director at The Main Company says. ‘The design has a timeless appeal which makes it attractive to homeowners, regardless of ever-changing trends,’ he explains. ‘Reclaimed wood is particularly popular due to the unique character it can offer, with each piece contributing to a one-of-a-kind appearance.’

Not only do warm woods look good, but they can also be practical, too. ‘Wooden cabinets can help to absorb sound, reducing noise levels in the kitchen, which is particularly beneficial in open-plan spaces,’ Alex shares. Wood also allows your kitchen cabinets to easily absorb any knocks and bumps, as imperfections won’t be anywhere near as noticeable as they might on other materials. Alex explains: ‘The imperfections also give the furniture a sense of history and its natural beauty can enhance the overall aesthetic of a room.’

‘Ultimately,’ Alex concludes, ‘homeowners are looking to incorporate more natural materials into their home, and this is an easy way to do it.’

Inky Black Cabinets

Kitchen with black cabinets and gold accents

Roundhouse Design

Bold and daring, black kitchen cabinets are set to be an oh-so-stylish choice for 2024, particularly for those who want to create a really modern kitchen space.

Before you write it off for fear that you’ll create a space that feels too dark, the design experts at Naked Kitchens explain that pairing said black cabinets with a few clever design choices is an easy way to create an elevated look that feels cosy and chic, rather than claustrophobic.

‘Cabinetry in inky blacks and rich, saturated tones always offer a high end look and feel,’ they say. ‘Paired with woods such as oak or walnut and layered with brass or copper detailing, this scheme delivers a wealth of understated luxury and warmth.’

Bronze & Brass Cabinet Handles

Brushed wooden cabinet with brass knob handle.


Even the smallest details are essential to consider when updating your kitchen cabinets, and the experts at Beardmore, luxury cabinet ironmongery manufacturers, explain that they’ve been seeing a trend towards a certain type of kitchen cabinet handles in recent months.

‘At Beardmore, we have certainly noticed that the Burnished Bronze and Unlacquered Brass handles are increasingly the most popular finishes for kitchen cabinets – Burnished Bronze and Unlacquered Brass are absolutely the preferred finishes for a more organic feel in your kitchen.’

Bold Blues

Teal blue shaker style kitchen cabinets.

Sola Kitchens

Bold colours are not a new idea when it comes to kitchen cabinets; greens, red and pinks have been a hugely popular choice over the last few years, especially for those who want to add a touch of personality to their home. But for your kitchen cabinet doors in 2024, you may want to consider a colour that boomed in 2023, and is set to continue its meteoric rise over the next year: blue.

Alex suggests that navy blue in particular is an excellent choice for your kitchen. ‘This effortlessly rich hue provides a sense of elegance and refinement to any space – from rustic apartments to seaside retreats.’

Of course, this hue shouldn’t dominate your entire kitchen, so he also recommends pairing blue cabinetry with contrasting materials elsewhere. ‘An easy way to make blue cabinetry pop is by complementing it with contrasting materials like concrete countertops, or reclaimed wood cladding. This juxtaposition adds a touch of contemporary flair, creating a visually dynamic space that is both modern and inviting.’

A hint of modernity can also pay off tenfold with incorporating blue kitchen cabinets into your home. ‘Navy works particularly well with white, so pair blue cabinets with marble or quartz worktops to create a luxurious ambiance,’ Alex suggests.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Grey shaker style kitchen with white countertops

Tom Howley

Shaker style kitchen cabinets have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and that’s unlikely to change in 2024, Annie Tullett, Sales Designer at Tom Howley says. ‘In 2024, Shaker-style cabinetry will continue to be in demand, capturing homeowners with its timeless simplicity and elegance,’ she says. ‘In fact, shaker kitchens have longevity to them because they are grounded in the architecture of the Georgian era, a style which has bled into Victorian, Edwardian and now even modern architecture.’

Experts from Naked Kitchens agree that it is the timeless nature of shaker cabinets that guarantee they’ll endure for at least the next 12 months. ‘Shaker kitchens remain a popular choice for period homes this year,’ they say.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be updated in small ways for 2024. Naked Kitchens’ experts suggest: ‘Don’t be scared to integrate contrasting elements to elevate their look and feel. Bold unexpected colour is a great way of highlighting design detail whilst display cabinets and open shelving in unexpected materials and finishes offer a contemporary twist to a classic design.’

Freestanding Cabinets

White-tiled kitchen with black AGA and curved blue freestanding cabinet.

Plain English Design

Fitted cabinetry is an easy way to create a cohesive feel in your kitchen, but rising in popularity for 2024 are freestanding cabinets, which will add serious interest to your kitchen via varying heights and designs.

Merlin Wright, Design Director at Plain English, says: ‘Post-Covid there is a continuing focus on home life and creating ‘liveable’ kitchens rather than show kitchens.

‘As such, incorporating freestanding pieces such as a tall larder or crockery cupboard reduces the need for wall cupboards, which in turn also leaves space for incidental pieces of furniture or art.’

Lois Riley, designer at Mowlem & Co, agrees, explaining: ‘A hot trend in cabinets for 2024 will be ‘nostalgia with style’ which sees a return to kitchen classics such as the freestanding look and pantries that resemble dressers, or feature pieces of furniture.’

Standalone cabinetry pieces provide a way to update your kitchen without ripping the entire thing out and starting again. They also allow you to easily add some more sustainable or recycled pieces to your home – for example, things like freestanding larders or cupboards originally intended for other areas of the home can be found at any good antique store, and can be tastefully (and simply) upcycled to add extra storage to a kitchen.

Textured Cabinets

Brown kitchen cabinet with textured doors and in-built wine storage.

Ledbury Studio

According to Charlie Smallbone, Founder of Ledbury Studio, a huge kitchen ideas trend for 2024 is not really even a trend at all – but rather a design choice that will endure for years.

‘Unlike other areas of the home, such as furniture or decor, kitchens require a significant financial investment. Therefore, homeowners are more likely to choose timeless and durable materials and designs that will withstand the test of time,’ he says. ‘And one trend that aligns with the need for durability and sustainability is more texture and tactility in our kitchens.’

Charlie explains that he has seen a huge uptake in textured kitchen cabinets, reflective of the shift towards biophilic design in our interiors. ‘The rise of tactility in kitchen cabinets is not just a passing trend, but a reflection of our desire for a more sensory and immersive experience in our homes,’ he says.

‘This has resulted in the popularity of tactile elements like fluting and reeding, which also add movement to surfaces and, when used sparingly, bring a subtle level of interest without overpowering the overall design, as seen in our Hackney Kitchen. This technique is particularly useful for giving a contemporary kitchen a softer look, and can be applied to various materials and surfaces.’