Saltburn Interiors: How To Perfect The English Country Manor Aesthetic

By Martha Davies

6 months ago

Inject some elegance into your home

Saltburn might be a dark, nail-biting psychological thriller, but it’s rooted in the dreamy and effortlessly elegant world of English country living. If visiting the real-life Saltburn mansion isn’t on the cards, however, why not do one better and transform your own interiors using the country manor aesthetic? Here’s how to do it.

Saltburn Interiors: How To Perfect The English Country Manor Aesthetic

Exterior of the country mansion in Saltburn, with a pond in the foreground

Image courtesy of MGM and Amazon Studios

Towering ceilings, endless bedrooms and sprawling, manicured gardens – are these the fundamental elements of a historic estate in the English countryside? Perhaps. But emulating the magnificent interiors displayed in Saltburn isn’t as difficult as you might think (and, thankfully, you don’t actually need to live in a country manor to achieve the country manor aesthetic). 

The film’s eponymous mansion is unbelievably grand and yet somehow intimate; the family watches films from the comfort of plush velvet sofas, and the (albeit four-poster) beds are strewn with mismatched cushions and throws. The country manor aesthetic combines this sense of warmth with the lofty grandeur of such impressive homes to create interiors which are both luxurious and utterly charming. 

But how exactly do you achieve this look? According to Simon Ribchester, Head of Design at digital renovation platform Beams, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the English country manor aesthetic into your interiors. Read on for some inspiration.

Saltburn Interiors Ideas

Saltburn still with the family in black tie dress at a dinner party

Image courtesy of Prime video

Wall panelling

‘Wall panelling is a classic design detail,’ says Simon. ‘It’s truly a low lift but high-impact update that can bring dimension and texture to any space.’ You don’t have to tackle an entire wall, however: ‘You can also add a beadboard or wainscoting panelling for a timeless historical design touch.’

Beamed ceilings


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‘Whether you want to celebrate the history and natural beauty of your home’s original wooden beams or add your own, these guarantee visual interest and will add texture and uniqueness to your home,’ Simon states. 

Traditional elements

‘Unlike modernism’s sleek straight lines, country manor style embraces the curved and soft edges,’ Simon notes. ‘To achieve this try incorporating traditional and classic design elements that exude a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication such as arched windows, vintage decor and curved furniture.’



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‘When renovating in the English country manor style, it is important to always go back to creating rooms which tell stories, to create the feel of a room that has always been there,’ Simon reflects. ‘The display of books in a room can create a comforting and impactful aesthetic. Think of places around your home which are in need of warming character, and, through renovation, add a library wall! Great places to do this are social areas like the living room, or even corridors between rooms.’

Tall ceilings

When you think ‘country manor’, you think high ceilings,’ says Simon. ‘There are lots of clever design tricks homeowners can use when renovating to give the appearance of a tall room. Creating an illusion of vertical space can emphasise a room’s grandeur, like using vertical lines in your design elements to draw the eye upwards to accentuate the height of the room.’