Lawson Robb: Fifteen Years Of Designing Beautiful Interiors And Exceptional Spaces Worldwide

By CTH Editors

6 months ago

Lawson Robb is a Great British Brand 2024

Lawson Robb is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Lawson Robb: Great British Brand 2024

‘Good interior design is more than the way things look; it’s about how the space is to be used by the people who inhabit it. Our diverse international portfolio includes ultra-luxury penthouses, superyacht interiors, embassies and townhouses, show apartments for prestigious developers, English country homes and private residences in super-prime Central London, Europe and the Middle East.

Our aim is to bring a curated approach to each project, not only in the creation of bespoke furniture but in the selection of lighting, artwork and decorative accessories, both vintage and contemporary. We use interesting materials, considered and intriguing forms and organic textures paired with a neutral palette and bold colour accents. We pay meticulous attention to detail as we recognise the emotion it can generate in people.

Our success is down to the uniqueness of each design. No in-house formula but what’s best for the client and best for the project; a cross-section of styles, avoiding uniformity or today’s passing trends. Each project has its own story and identity that sets it apart. Design means extracting the essence of an idea and seeing what can be developed from it. Take one client with a passionate interest in fashion: we used the couture sketching principle of “nine heads”, whereby the head is an index for the proportions of the body and how it is dressed, applying that rule of proportion everywhere from joinery to ceiling layouts.

We use AI in the early stage of concept imagineering. Instead of hours or days researching images to convey our ideas, we can quickly deliver a mood taster that captures our vision. I’m optimistic on AI’s potential to limit time drains on high-
value talent by processing low-value tasks, freeing human minds for the important time and headspace to pay clients the right degree of attention, talking about their private projects, giving reassurance.’

George Wolstenholme, Creative Lead

Lawson Robb Great British Brands 2024

Five Proudest Moments

1. Eighteen months ago, we made the bold call to operate a focused team of designers working on the right projects, not every single one that comes to the door.

2. Today in 2024 our order book pays back that decision; happy clients and more commissions awarded on the strength of it. 

3. Our reputation from previous work has fostered new collaborations on specialist projects, confirmation that we’re doing the right thing and going in the right direction.

4. We recently completed a full villa refurbishment in Dubai, mastering the project coordination and partnerships needed to achieve the highest quality in the environment.

5. In 2023, we were appointed to our second superyacht project, Haze II, an existing client placing his trust in us to create a fully custom interior.

What I’ve Learnt…

  • Patience, enthusiasm and surrounding yourself with a good team are crucial to creating a successful business.
  • It’s important to remain flexible and willing to try new things to help you meet your goals.
  • Focusing on customers, including what they want, how they feel and where to find them, can improve your results.


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