What Is The ‘Mob Wife’ Interior Aesthetic – And Is The Edgy Style Right For Your Space?

By Amy Hunt

3 months ago

Mob wife interiors have recently exploded in popularity, going viral on social media

Allow us to introduce you to a new social media interiors trend (yes, another one): the ‘mob wife’ interior aesthetic. The rather unique trend has recently found its way swiftly from the fashion and beauty world onto the interiors scene, and – as you may expect – describes the concept of styling your home just as the ultra-wealthy, glamorous, luxe-loving wife of a mobster would (you heard us right). But what exactly constitutes the mob wife aesthetic, and is it simply a flash-in-the-pan (and slightly worrying) trend, or the beginning of a timeless interior style we can all get on board with, to an extent? Let’s take a look.

What Is The Mob Wife Interior Trend?

Thanks to the likes of Netflix’s Griselda series starring Sofia Vergara, and the recent 25th anniversary of hit show The Sopranos, the concept of ‘mob-wife’-esque interior design has come into sharp focus over the last few weeks.

In order to properly picture the ‘mob wife’ aesthetic, cast your minds back to some of the classic mobster films of the 1980s and ’90s – from the iconic Scarface to Goodfellas and, of course, The Godfather. The ‘mob wife’ trend can be summed up via the bold, brash colourful and pattern-loving design seen in the homes of mob wives in movies like these. Essentially, the aesthetic embodies the stereotype of a mob wife’s over-the-top display of money within her home, whether that’s seen in a mish-mash of exotic materials, luxury artwork, over-use of classic fixtures such as wood and gold, and of course, a whole lot of leopard print.

The mob wife interiors trend is being hailed as the antithesis of many of the recent, understated interior trends which have consumed social media, such as the ‘clean girl aesthetic’, which embraces clean lines, neutral colours, and minimalism in the home – or the ‘grandmillennial style’, with its cutesy florals and pale pastels. The mob wife aesthetic, on the other hand, is all about embracing maximalism as an expression of personality. Nothing is too much or too expensive when it comes to the mob wife aesthetic, and there’s certainly no such thing as ‘clashing’. Put simply, the mob wife style is the opposite of the soft, muted ‘quiet luxury’ design trends we’ve seen lately – the mob wife aesthetic is all about boldly showing off just how much money you have, in the loudest way possible.

What Are The Experts Saying?

So now we know what the mob wife aesthetic is, is it a trend that experts would advise, or is it a passing fad you ought to steer clear of? Furniturebox’s Product Development Lead Laura Rich explains that while it’s certainly not the right trend for everyone, she can see the appeal after years of more neutral interiors dominating our social media feeds.

She explains: ‘It’s hard to say whether this is an interior trend that has staying power. When trends gain momentum so quickly, they often drop off just as fast. But this look could stick around as it slots so easily next to some other key trends we’ve been noticing, such as rock star ’70s revival and eclectic maximalism. Plus, people are tired of the millennial white and grey. They want colour, they want character, and they want a bit of fierce confidence to shine through in their homes.’

But she reassures us that we don’t have to go full Karen Hill to embrace the ‘mob wife’ aesthetic. It’s a little overwhelming to kit your entire home out in full maximalist interiors, so Laura suggests adding just a few touches of ‘mob wife’ to your home or apartment, in order to express some personality.

‘Don’t be afraid to mix prints, fabrics and materials,’ Laura says. ‘Go for moody, dark palettes with lamps and ambient lighting. Toss a faux-fur throw over the bed and add some sparkling modern chandeliers. Marble effects and large mirrors will keep the light bouncing around while making the space look larger. The trick is not to slide into tacky – keep it classy, not brassy.’

Tricia Guild OBE, Founder & Creative Director of Designers Guild, agrees that if the mob wife aesthetic speaks to you, darker colours and patterns will be key to bringing it into your home in a more modern way. ‘Incorporating the aesthetic into our homes means opting for powerful, sleek statements and dominant darker colours.

‘Patterned velvet cushions are a great way to lightly introduce the theme into your current design. Dark stripes are another design feature I can see picking up heavily in line with the trend.’

She does however warn that you should be wary of how much of this trend to incorporate into your home. Tricia explains: ‘It’s best not to get carried away with the trend and introduce too many contrasting textures and dark colours into our homes. What might feel like a powerful dark energy one day, could feel quite sombre the next.’

What Is TikTok Saying?



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How Can You Get The Look?

As mentioned, you can lean into the mob wife aesthetic as fully or as minimally as you like; but to get the full effect, an explosion of silks, furs (faux of course), velvet, gold fixtures and leopard print are ideal for creating a home a mob wife would truly be proud to inhabit.

Of course, that’s not everyone’s style, so if you’re looking to add smaller touches of ‘mob’ chic to your home, take a look at these items to help you begin to emulate this extraordinary aesthetic.

Leopard print lampshade with black trim and gold fringing.