Nina Campbell On Her New Pimlico Road Store

By CTH Editors

5 months ago

Nina Campbell is a Great British Brand 2024

Nina Campbell is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Nina Campbell: Great British Brand 2024

‘The main event of 2023 was moving into our new shop on Pimlico Road. After all the anxiety and inevitable delays, the doors opened and we had such a lovely response from our neighbours, many of whom I’ve known for an awfully long time; some from my beginnings in the Seventies at 64 Pimlico Road. 

‘Having so much space allows our furniture to be shown upholstered in our fabrics – so much better than showing people a small sample. I also have my textile and interior design studios there so I can constantly interfere in everything. 

‘We also designed some tiles for Fired Earth, and a truly major collection of furniture for Next, which launched in October. It’s hard to imagine sofas flying out of the door but they did! We did a huge range – from consoles and sideboards to tables, chairs, lighting, bedding, rugs, tabletop stuff – we even designed loungewear. 

Nina Campbell and her daughter

‘I looked at an AI company that could print a fabric in seconds. I don’t feel my livelihood is threatened by it as I believe if you want a really good fabric, the human hand will prevail. As for tech in general, Covid forced us to get to grips with it because we simply had to operate on Zoom with major projects in Australia, Jordan and America. It can be excellent, but you have to combine tech with real life and use it only once you’ve built up the human relationship and trust. 

‘My generation used to associate craft dismissively with macramé baskets but recently I’ve become inspired and dazzled by our British talent. Matt Livsey Hammond, a bronzesmith, designed me an extraordinary tree-like staircase and I worked with engraver David Smith on some exquisite Lalique-like glass panels. I don’t see AI ever being able to replace their phenomenal skills.’

Nina Campbell, founder

A living room with a fireplace

Five Proudest Moments

  1. When I opened my first shop at 64 Pimlico Road in 1972.
  2. Building on my brand to open my shop at 9 Walton Street in 1980, where it still does a brisk trade.
  3. Forging a partnership with Osborne & Little in 1989, a long-standing relationship that continues to this day.
  4. Becoming a totally family-run business when my daughter, Alice Deen, joined as Head of Communications in 2009, ten years after my son Max Konig joined as Managing Director.
  5. Coming full circle to move into our new shop and showroom, complete with interior and textile design studios, at 43 Pimlico Road in 2023.

A sink beside blue patterned wallpaper

What I’ve Learnt…

  • Patience, enthusiasm and surrounding yourself with a good team are crucial to success.
  • Be clear, upfront and transparent about costs from the start. If you’re artistic and enthusiastic, people can think you’re just having fun and then be shocked by the bill.
  • Listen closely to your client, or you won’t get it right.
  • Look up when in the street, at fashion, and at sets in movies. Always be alert to beauty.


9 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JD

+44  (0)20 7225 1011