Beautiful Room Screens To Buy
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Beautiful Room Screens To Buy

Up your screen time

Our rooms since the pandemic have had to work a lot harder for us. Living rooms turn into home offices and home offices turn into fitness studios (or rage rooms, depending on the day). That’s where the room divider comes in.

How to Perfect Your Home Office 

The Most Beautiful Room Dividers

Of course, a screen is an excellent home office cocooning device. Visually shutting yourself out of the wider space will help you hone in on your tasks of the day, as well as giving you privacy if you’re taking calls.

And in an open plan house that’s craving a bit of rhythm, a bit of texture, a screen can add that warmth and character you’ve been after. If we’re speaking superficially too, screens can conveniently edit out that ugly radiator, dark dank corner – or dare we say that peeling bit of paint you’ve been putting off. No judgement here.

Divide and conquer your home with these screens

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Chinoiserie Six-Panel Hand-Decorated Screen

For the Bridgerton Enthusiasts

For that covetable Bridgerton blue, Etsy’s Chinoiserie screen will add that Georgian zing you’re home is calling out for. The most beautiful screen in the ton, no doubt.

Chinoiserie Six-Panel Hand-Decorated Screen, £4,463.60, Etsy,

Mid-19th Century Six-Fold Screen

For the Donna Tart Readers

This is for the dark academia enthusiasts among you. Best perched within an oak-clad book-lined library.

Mid-19th Century Six-Fold Screen, 1st Dibs, £2,950,

Dutch Embossed and Painted Leather Folding Screens - a Pair

Piqued by Antiques?

If we’re investing in historical showstoppers, this early 19th century Dutch panel will surely suffice. Adorned by parrots and tropical birds on gilt-embossed tree boughs, working from home won’t ever be dull again.

Dutch Embossed and Painted Leather Folding Screens, $25,000, Chairish,


Frame Room Divider

A ‘Japandi’ Choice

Japandi‘ – the blend between the Scandi and Japanese aesthetic – is all the rage these days. The transluminescent quality of this screen will add some soft minimalism to any room.

Frame Room Divider, Frama,

Sohomanje Natural Rattan Folding Room Divider, Natural & Light Wood

For the Parisians

Craft your modern day salon with Vivense London’s rattan screen. The gentle curves of the frame will lend a sense of calmness to your space.

Sohomanje Natural Rattan Folding Room Divider, £715, Vivense London,

Lempicka Screen - Antique Gold

For Flecks of Sparkle

Oka’s take on the room divider is rendered with lots of small mirrors that add a fabulous flick of glamour. Best for the bedroom.

Lempicka Screen, £1,595, Oka,

Rattan Webbing Screen Cox & Cox

For Home Office Hermitude

The earthy beige tones of Cox & Cox’s screen is superlative for that organic, artisnal look.

Rattan Webbing Screen, £275, Cox & Cox, 

Webbing Room Divider in Black

Mesh it Up

You can’t go wrong with Idyll Home’s divider. Mesh is a fabulous choice, as it will still let in light through the space and remove distractions at the same time.

Webbing Room Divider in Black, £495, Idyll Home,

Main Image: Frame Room Divider, Frama,


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