Dark Academia Is The Interiors Trend That Keeps On Giving

By Charlie Colville

3 weeks ago

Think the Addams family, but make it aesthetic.

Leather-bound books and classical artworks, antique wooden furniture and leather armchairs, four poster beds and ornate lighting. Welcome to the world of Dark Academia…

What Is Dark Academia?

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around classical literature, higher education and the pursuit of knowledge. Stemming from upper-class nineteenth century European visual culture, the trend is associated with the liberal arts and eccentricities – celebrating the unusual and romanticising the educated experience.


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The Aesthetic

In visual terms, Dark Academia is all about high-brow college fashion (tweed and turtlenecks galore), antiques, Gothic architecture, classical art and secret nooks and crannies. Academic visuals like heavy wooden desks, lamps and armchairs all fit into the aesthetic, but you can also expect to find grander flourishes like chandeliers, paintings and ornate bookcases.

Many followers also look to characters from literature for inspiration, such as those from The Secret History and Kill Your Darlings, who live decadently destructive lifestyles laden with drugs, violence and heavy secrets.


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Dark Academia Paint Colours

For the dark academia colour palette, it’s all about autumnal shades of brown, gold, green, red, black and grey. In your own home, you’re best off painting in one of these dark colours, and then adorning the space with splashes of the others.

Bathroom with fireplace, foot stool and paintings

London’s Chateau Denmark perfectly channels the sophisticated aesthetic of Dark Academia, as seen by its use of ornate fireplaces, gold bath tubs, marble flooring and tufted foot stools. Make sure to book a stay if you want some interiors inspiration.

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Featured image: Chateau Denmark